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Well Happy Saturday all.  I hope everyone’s starting off with a beautiful day, and hope no matter what you have going on, you’ll spend some time here.

I don’t normally post ‘serious’ stuff on Saturdays, although we have posted a lot of videos for the open porch for folks who might be interested.  Once in a while something will come along that’s just so incredibly good, or beneficial; something all can learn from, or just an amazing story and testimony,  I can’t help but hope folks will take time to watch it.

There’s nothing to compare to what Jesus had to go through for me. If death should come, should life end?… Guess what?? It’s actually only the beginning. It’s just the beginning of our real lives. This is nothing compared to what waits for us on the other side… We will see the greatness of God and the eternal picture in which He has procured for us life and life ever more. In the face of an eternal life of bliss with our Creator, no amount of suffering or pain on this earth can shake our confidence in Him” ~ Nabeel  Qureshi


As time would have it, we’re coming up on our 3rd year anniversary here in about a month and a bit, and I remember watching a video in comments and talking with a few folks about Nabeel  Qureshi back in the first few months of the Heart Beat.

Nabeel was an amazing speaker, incredibly gifted and as intelligent as one would think when you hear any of those who work with Ravi Zacharias.  He was really starting to ‘shine’ if that’s even the term I’m looking for, within Christian evangelism/apologetics, and along with Ravi and others, his story and background was really resonating with people of different backgrounds.

Sad for us, as we ‘lose’ such needed witnesses for this world; teachers and yes, Christian siblings.  Nabeel passed away from an aggressive form of cancer in 2017.  And yet we can be thankful to God for technology as his and others’ teaching lives on.

A little background on Nabeel,  (1983-2017)  He was raised as a devout Ahmadi Muslim (Pakistani) . After spending approximately 4 years examining the evidence for Christianity and Islam with his friend David Wood, Nabeel became a Christian while attending Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Nabeel founded a ministry called “Acts 17 Apologetics” with David, but he then went on to join the speaking team for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. His ongoing studies took him to Biola University, Duke University, and Oxford University, and led to three books: “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” “No God But One,” and “Answering Jihad.”

In this video, Lee Strobel (Author of A Case for Christ & former atheist turned Christian) and Mark Mittelberg (Christian evangelist/apologist and author) introduces Nabeel and he shares his testimony about leaving Islam and coming to Christ.

There is also a Q&A after which is also very much worth listening to, as someone who’s known a few Muslims and considers them friends, it really strikes at the heart of a Christian the desire to introduce them to Jesus. The Q&A and some of what Nabeel shares here is invaluable for helping any of us not just with Muslims but others, in hope of beginning not only an open conversation and discovery (much like Nabeel and David had) but also forging stronger friendships along the way.

Another thing which really struck me as I listened to this again, is that among the 3 major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam- While Christianity was instituted by the Jews of the early church, it was spread more throughout the gentile world because Israel’s hardening heart towards the Gospel, Jesus and the Way- the Gospel is coming back to the Jews in our time, along with Muslims and the harvest is huge.  And yet the Sons of Abraham on both sides, have the same reactions towards those who convert to Christ.

Yes this is long. But I hope folks will listen to all of it, even if you need to take breaks to enjoy your day.  It’s lessons in love, witnessing, God’s way of pursuing and also how the Bible is alive and shows in real and amazing ways~ the Father’s love for those who genuinely seek Him.

But you need to listen to Nabeel’s story (even if you’ve heard it before- I learned new things again).

As always, this is an open porch for whatever you feel like sharing.  Enjoy and have a blessed day all!

Oh, and for a PS- A while back  I had asked for prayers for a long time internet friend named Mik, I’ve known him almost longer than anyone else. We were both on AOL Journals when I first started online.  He’s a terrific Christian brother, humorous and just a cool guy. Anyway, he was diagnosed a year ago on a Friday the 13th with stage 4 male breast cancer and it had spread.  He had his scans done this past Friday the 13th, and when his doctor came into the room, even though he had a mask on to protect Mik (who’s immune system has taken a beating from a year’s worth of treatment) Mik could see a huge smile on his face.  The scans were clear. Nothing.  😀 Thank You all who prayed, and Thank You Lord for being our ultimate Physician.  I pray he stays in remission, but Mik knows some day it could come back. He’s willing to fight again, but also as a strong Christian, will continue to leave it all in God’s Hands and Will.
Thanks again everyone.

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