Porch Time Sunday

With all the crud going on in our world, it’s sometimes hard to focus on the One who is still in control, no matter how much is out of control in our lives.

Ravi as you all know went in a few weeks ago for major back surgery, and due to immense pain, has found out he’s got malignant sarcoma. That would certainly shake anyone’s world up and yet he’s confident in his hope, whatever direction the Lord’s plan takes him on.

Not sure if folks heard this short phone interview with Ben Shapiro or not, but thank you Daisy for passing it along! It’s so good to hear Ravi’s voice!

Another Daisy alert caused me to watch this the other night, a forum with Vince and Jo Vitale along with Abdu Murray. It’s worth a watch…

Today is an open porch Sunday. I know a lot of us who usually are at church Sunday mornings are having to miss the time of worship and fellowship, so if your church has a video of today’s sermon, we invite you to post it so we can visit each others’ ‘services’, or if you have a favorite sermon feel free to post that too.

In these days, and whatever comes next, it’s always good to remember He is the Light of the world and Jesus will always Light the Way ( Brand new by Matt Maher) I love the lyrics in this one, and it’s a great song!

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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