Saturday’s Porch is Wide Open (No Shutdown ‘Round Here)

Happy Saturday all.  Well, this is a wide open porch, enough room for folks to hang out comfortably.

Earlier this week I watched a movie online, based on an old novel by Charles Sheldon, called In His Steps.  I have the book and have read it a few times. It’s based on (before the phrase became a fad) on What Would Jesus Do.

I’ve heard many folks, Christians among them, ask how practical can it be to do what Jesus would do and live your every decision on that.  Sheldon’s fictional story based at the turn of last century shows what can happen when folks decide to try it.  This movie is a modernized version which pretty much keeps to the original story except where artistic licence comes in near the end.

Its typical low budget fare especially judging by some of the acting, but it’s not bad and it is a good story though.

For those who want something a little more meatier and have time for it, I’m going to re post the video Lawngren shared yesterday, as this is always a good time to learn how to reconcile a divided culture…

As said, it’s an open porch, so whatever y’all are up to today, hopefully you’ll stop in for a while, share whatever’s on your heartbeat, or just hang out and see what other folks feel like posting.

PS, speaking of Lawngren, I owe him lol. 😀

Have a beautiful day all!

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