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Happy Blessed Palm Sunday all.

I don’t remember a whole lot about church growing up, except that I liked Sunday school. I didn’t always like being sent up for “big” church though- we had to kneel a lot, and my knees always ached, and we repeated after the priest a lot too. He’d say a prayer from the Common Book of Prayer, then we’d repeat lines, sing Psalms and we’d repeat.  I loved the pipe organ though and I loved Palm Sundays. I liked hearing stories about Jesus riding on a colt into the city, and the priest would have crosses handed out to everyone made out of palm leaves.  But I never really understood much of the week before Easter, what I now call Resurrection Day, and never quite ‘got’ the passion week parts either.

I know that I did believe in Jesus, in God, and I knew that He suffered a lot, but I didn’t really have it in my head or heart of what all of the time between Passover and Easter morning meant.

I am a slow learner, and a late bloomer for a lot of things in my life, and didn’t really come to be Saved and Born again in the Spirit until I was in my late 20s.  And as I started to really read and understand what the week before the arrest, trial and crucifixion was all about, I was and still am overwhelmed at what ALL Jesus has done for me, and for all of us.

To think of His love, before I ever really realized that He wasn’t just some being- holy to be revered, but distant and “over there” away from us, removed from us… His pursuit of us.  How He loves us and IS involved in our lives, weaving out a story that we don’t know where it’s going while we’re in the midst of it, but we know how it ends…

That He is with us always- Emmanuel. God With Us.  The Comforter, the Holy Spirit and His Word He has given ~ love letters that help, train, teach, give hope, and learn about Him and our relationship to and with Him.  Never leaving nor forsaking… So much wrapped up in those things, on top of all He saved us from. It’s sometimes so inconceivable, the Love that He has, that He IS.

Last night Daisy posted a great gospel song, and I thought, Oh Yeah! Sunday spotlight material!  And I still want us to share our favorite old hymns and gospel classics, but I couldn’t let this day go by without thinking of the Holiest time coming this week and just how much I still love the story, but have learned to love our Savior more and more with every year’s hearing and learning it anew.

Thank You Jesus!

Even if we all know the lyrics, really hear, and just remember what He has done (it is Finished) but also what it means, and the promises it holds….

There are so many favorite hymns that I love, but I want to hear some that you love too, or that you remember hearing when you were younger. 🙂

Have a safe and beautiful day all!

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