A Different Tuesday Open

plus other flights of fancy

By Walter Mow

Ever notice how often the left throws those BIG words at you as if you would not understand? When they run out of vocabulary they retreat to name calling using invectives as noisome as that un-emptied chamber pot. But do they truly understand the meaning behind that two-bit word? much less a four-bit word.

There are over two pages of OB’s in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, here is a sampling of them and the use the liberals and progressives find for them.
OBsolete, that Conservative ideals are old and worn out, that they can no longer substantiate the Republic; that we are OBdurant, that our tendency to stubbornness is a huge stumbling block to the advancement of their agenda; plus being OBtrusive (impertinent) and Obstreperous (very unruly).

How DARE those Conservative scamps to act so outrageously!!! Well I never!!!
Well since the L/Ps ask, tell ‘em! YES, we dare, as for the dreaded OB’s we have a number of them for you!!!

Let’s start with OBtest, a nice legal term for call to witness; how about it little eric? Shall we bring you back before congress for an impeachment trial? How about Obstruent? An easily provable one as killary has repeatedly been an obstruction to justice in the Benghazi affair; Next is Obviate, a nice word meaning un-necessary, well that certainly applies to the current cabal, except for its closing which should conclude on the gallows; Let’s examine Obtuse, this one is one of my favorites, and the dullards to which it is so deservedly appropriate; We’ll close this little foray with Obsequious, the most damning of all for those fawning dolts.

OBstetrics also populate those select pages of the dictionary, but I don’t want the L/Ps to think on any subject that deeply, it just might do irreversible damage.

(Rumor has it that the editor is going to follow this piece with one on AB’s. If the peanut gallery is to be believed, the answer is yes as they are all shouting “ABsoutely”)

*Duckie edit- while I really don’t have a song for this, this is an open thread!
Happy Tuesday Night all! 

*Daisy edit-I found a song!

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