Isaiah 41:10

This is an Open Thread, I hope everyone has a blessed Monday.


For everyone who wants to participate in  discussion of  message 1 of Marks Revelation series , the audio is below.  I want to wait for American Duckie to get home to discus giving everyone enough time to listen.  We’ll see how everyone likes this, there are 39 more.  


Here is the link, for the sermon notes,  it will take you to the  Theme and Scope of Revelation, and if you scroll down you’ll find notes for this message.  I liked looking at them while I was listening and taking my own notes.  Here is the link for page 1 of the Revelation messages if you’d like to listen at your own pace.  This is from November 8, 2009, Mark Kring.

The Island of Patmos, where John wrote the book of Revelation.

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