John 15:13 Red Friday

Two Brothers United by God and Viet Nam.

Remembering Everyone Deployed with prayers today.  This is an Open Thread, wishing you a blessed Friday!

*Duckie note
J0hn 15:13 is a powerful verse all in it’s own when we consider what Jesus has done for all of humanity on the cross.  He suffered willingly, and laid down His own life willingly, to save all who would believe on Him from sin and death.
Most of us here also consider this verse and think of the actions of others, mostly our troops, who willingly sign up knowing that they may be the ones to lay down their lives for others.  Even if they don’t make that ultimate sacrifice, to me, (I know it’s different for them) they are still heroes because they take that chance anyway.  They aren’t able to save souls, but they can preserve life, give another chance to someone else… and we never know in this life how those second chances may impact other’s lives.

I didn’t mean for this to be long, but the verse Daisy picked for today, and the video of the two brothers just really made me think of how much has been given, and still is.  There is no amount of gratitude that we can have that can make up for it all.  God bless our troops, bless our friends. Keep them always in the shadow of Your wings.

For those of you wanting to participate in the discussion on Part 5 of Mark’s Revelation series the audio is below.  Here is the link to the sermon notes, and the link for page 1 of the sermon series if you’d like to listen at your own pace.  This is from December 13, 2009, Mark Kring, New Hope Church.

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