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Happy Thursday all.  This is a wide open porch today, but I have a couple of related things to share.  Some of you may have noticed I’ve talked about a book called Through the Gates of Splendor by Elizabeth Elliot.  It was one of the first books I read after becoming a born again Christian, and it’s an incredible (beginning) of an amazing story that has gone on now for 4 generations between a missionary’s family and the Waodani ,  a stone age violent tribe of South America.

After reading that book, I was excited to find a continuation of the story from Steve Saint called End of the Spear.  Older folks may remember the story of the 5 missionaries who were killed in Equador by the Auca’s. Steve Saint was the son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Elizabeth Elliot was the widow of martyred missionary Jim Elliot.

Steve Saint and his family went down multiple times to help the tribe in so many ways, and the tribe adopted him and his family as their own.  A tribe that was on the verge of extinction because of their violence towards each other have come to a saving grace in Christ Jesus, which continues.

I write this now because of one of the men who killed the missionaries, Mincaye has finished walking God’s path and is now at God’s House.

I can’t include all what is written in the description of the you tube video, folks can go read it for themselves. Following the story for years, Mincaye’s child like faith, complete regeneration in his heart, and the love he had for the Saint family (even now their grandkids) and  wide eyed excitement of  his first trip to America just touched my heart.  I’m sad for  the world’s loss because most of the world didn’t know him or this still unfolding story, but I am so happy for the reunion in heaven- because 5 men risked their lives, to reach across the age to a tribe no one cared about. Except God.

For another  interesting part of this, I watched these last night before bed. Rachel Saint died and was buried in Ecuador among her people, the Waodani. This was her life….

This was cool. I’ve never seen that show before. The sound isn’t the best, but it’s still an amazing life.

Well, that’s it from this end. Have a beautiful day. Again, open thread Thursday 🙂

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