Happy Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe we’re having another Anniversary already at the Heartbeat!  We’ve decided to re post our original welcome from May 11, 2017, but with a new short message from Daisy and Duckie. 

Welcome from Daisy!

I woke up this morning with so much to do, but through all the piles of stuff to be done, this plant’s sad condition and need for change got my attention first, as it was warm enough outside to finally do the job of repotting it.  It was unhappy being squashed in the plastic pot, with indoor lighting; dry air in the house and tap water for its thirst which would quickly trickle out of its little root bound pot. It had survived its little stay in the house but I wanted it to thrive and flower.  As I lifted my little plant out and pinched off the dead and withered looking leaves, I couldn’t help but think it was a good picture of how I have felt so many times during the past year.  Stifled, stuck, stunted, and thirsty.  So as I picked a larger pot for my little plant, I wondered, where I should plant my roots?  As I troweled in the new potting soil around its roots I wondered, what kind of nourishment should surround my roots?   As I finished and went to water my plant once again with water from the tap, it started to rain and I thought even better and stuck it on the porch step to be watered by He who provides the rain.   And I was reminded once again Who it is that provides exactly what I need at just the right time.

As I have gone through the past political year spending a good deal of time reading, commenting and socializing online I have become increasingly frustrated with it.  I have realized more than ever, that partisan politics and media have made a mockery of our founder’s wisdom by basically making their own rules and spinning a manipulative narrative to promote their own agendas.  Participating was getting me and this country nowhere.

The decisions that have been made by our politicians and the American people (this includes media), this past year have taken America on a path to a really bad place.  We are more divisive then we’ve ever been in my lifetime, law is irrelevant to the privileged political class, principled stands are mocked, laughed at and called unrealistic.  The party who used to stand with principled ideals and the constitution is not backing them, but fighting the few who are.  Baby killers are upheld by the law and drowned in tax payer money distributed by our government, while those who tell the truth about their lawlessness are prosecuted.  And on and on it goes.

Here’s where I’m at.  We can’t do it.  Only God can change hearts and minds.

I am also at the point where I don’t care who says what, about who, or how they do it or why in the media.   I want truth instead of distractions and I’m not seeing a lot of it these days.  When Duckie and I started talking about a blog soon after we met, I have to admit, the focus of it was quite different then what it is today.  The past year of politics was a great reminder (or slap upside the head) of things that were barely on our radar back then. Not that they didn’t exist or matter to us but we just didn’t realize the absence of them in our country as blatantly as this past year.  In that time I have quit cable and most of the partisan blogs I frequented.

Folks, not only have I out grown my pot of politics, my pot is cracked and crumbling in the environment of  useless dirt and my wilting leaves are thirsty for what is real, and for what really matters in this life.

I think it’s time for the Sonshine that our country and people need so badly. May He bless our blog and all those who come to visit, and we hope for some seeds to be sown and watered from time to time.

Welcome from Duckie!

Opinions are interesting things. And popular; all of us have one.

When I began writing online nearly 20 years ago, my main reason for starting wasn’t only to give myself an outlet for my opinions, but to write unapologetically about things going on in our world from a Biblical perspective. I wanted to make people think about things that maybe they normally didn’t think about- even if their opinions were different from mine.  I always hoped that there was a message in my writing that someone needed to hear and be encouraged.

I never set out to save or change the world- only add my own voice to it and maybe a different view, and hopefully give others a chance to discover and discuss issues and events even if my views were different.

Over the past 5 or 6 years there have been more opinions than ever, in our politics and news media. And while everyone has a right to think and believe what they do, opinions in a lot of ways have given over to hypocrisy, bully tactics and division.  We are divided more than ever before and it seems that politics and the media keep driving those wedges deeper from all sides and views.

Through numerous years of personal trials I’ve learned that while we all have them, not everyone cares about others opinions. Through years of politics and rhetoric, my main reasons for writing have drifted off from my main desire to give a message of hope that we won’t get from any political or media news outlet.

The idea for this site, started in my heart and mind a long time ago, and all it needed was for me to get back to the basics of why I want and love to write and to find just the right person to do it with. God introduced me to Daisy a little over a year ago, and He knew what He was doing when He put us together.

Daisy and I know that people are tired of fighting a political fight that seems to go nowhere, and just adds to the divisiveness that’s rampant in our country today.

We know folks have their own places they hang out at- home bases at other sites. We hope though that the Heart Beat of this ‘home place’ will become a regular stop throughout their day to day interactions – because we’re trying something different here.

We’re not burying our heads in avoiding what’s going on in our country or world, but we’re offering hope to get through. We want to do it with a bit of down home relaxation, positive stories, and back to the basics nuggets of wisdom and truth to counter the same old same 24/7 we all get from everywhere else. Opinions are important, even those we don’t agree with. Everyone has them, but at this site, we hope we can remind each other again that we have so many more things in common than politicians and media would like us to believe.

Welcome to the Heart Beat. God Bless each and everyone who finds their way here, and hopefully find another home.

Duckie update:

What I’ve learned in the few years of writing and interacting here on the porch, is that families and friends aren’t not always agreeable.   We all can be grumpy, snappy and sarcastic just as we always have been~ even when we’re trying to encourage and give others hope.  My vision for this place hasn’t changed much over the past couple of years.  I still hope for this place to be something different, yet so needed in our world. To offer wisdom (through videos, sermons, lectures and  songs),   sharing hearts  and hope through the articles and bible studies from those who bless this porch and above all- point people to Jesus. Without Him, nothing is worth anything in this world.   Without Him being at the center of all things, well, we only have to look around at the state of our world to see what the ramifications are.

Some folks might think we’re too… smug, or  naive thinking that we can change hearts the world by preaching, or think we’re just too preachy. Maybe we are that, and we don’t always get it right. But He does. I hope people who visit this place will find out the reason of the hope we have in us, and find the same hope for themselves.

It might be quiet around this place,  sometimes too quiet. Other times hopefully we’ve got a lively discussion going on, or sharing some great music. Whatever folks find here, I hope they realize that while we love Jesus, and care about folks, we’re still real and don’t always get it right. But that’s a part of learning for us, and for those who visit.

Hopefully the next year will find folks drawing  back to the porch and sharing their  opinions, thoughts and questions. And hopefully they will find answers and an open heart to receive them.

I’ve  had a sense of urgency that I haven’t felt in a long time-  that time is short, too short for focusing on distractions, mistakes, family squabbles and speaking out of turn. I’m human, and always will be and I realize that others are human too.  Please don’t let that distract from the fact that Jesus loves you and so do I.

Happy Anniversary all!

Daisy update:

Duckie sent me a television program the other day where Corrie Ten Boom sat for an hour and talked about God’s faithfulness in her life experiences.   There were so many nuggets of wisdom, faith and courage to take away from her sharing and as she said these words I realized the absolute truth of them today for me also:

“Look around and be distressed, look within and be depressed, look to Jesus and be at rest.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

I had to laugh because just as Corrie said these words in the video, I got a message from Duckie with this quote, she had just heard it too.  It’s been hard recently for me to keep my attitude as such, “at rest in Jesus”.  I look around me and feel anything but the desire to be compliant, I feel a huge injustice at the crumbling of the economy because somehow we got it backwards in the  usual medical procedure to quarantine the sick, elderly and immune compromised and letting folks decide if they are one of these. I’m upset at the silent majority not being okay with the government overreach, but being hushed into compliance because of various threats,  and I am distressed.  I look within and  think I’m alone, rebellious or a bad person for not finding the supposed positives in this pandemic like others have and I get depressed.

I’m still not sure how I am supposed to respond to what’s going on around us, or when, but one thing is for sure, looking to Jesus is the only way to be at rest through this.  Sometimes it takes practice, a readjustment of thinking, a burning of old ways or even a complete about face to put our focus where it belongs and be at rest in Him.  So yes, my pot is still cracked but I’m praying God can still use this broken pot to glorify Him in whatever way he chooses.  Lord help me to always be looking to you and to be always ready to serve.

Proverbs 3


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