God Forgive Us

The other day scrolling through facebook, I came upon an ad, the title was: How Can an Entire Nation Be Led Astray?  I thought it was about us, the great USA and its downward slide into rejecting God, ignoring His Word and its justification of twisting it to mean whatever they’re comfortable living with.

Corona Virus came to mind also, the lies and fear the media is feeding those so ready to believe what they say, even with scientific evidence to the contrary and it being censored “for our good”.   Willing to let the government to dictate whether they work or not, telling them what they can and cannot buy from the stores, where they can go and when.  Begging for financial compensation from the government, seemingly blind or not caring of the economic collapse already here and about to get worse.  They’ve done such a thorough job with their fear mongering I’m not sure they could reverse their own damage even if they tried.  It’s more than sad.  It’s a terrifying thing to watch if your eyes are wide open.

Back to the article, which wasn’t really an article but a plea for donations to send missionaries to Israel.  It wasn’t about us, it was about Israel and their rejection of the Messiah.  Scary how we now could carry that same headline here in the USA and mirror that same rejection in our country.  Maybe not in the same way,  but it’s there just the same.  We say we believe but are we acting like it?  Are we believing His Word or some man made convenience of the word, “christianity”?  Are we living with the confidence of our Salvation or are we living in fear?

Once again, as anyone who watches the following video would probably pick out also, Duckie and I both honed in on the same quote at the end of the video “We’ll be all right if we keep in our hearts, the story of America.” She then said  “Well we didn’t and here we are”.  Indeed.

I found this while I was looking on youtube to see if there were video’s of the shorts “Bicentennial Minute” played during commercial breaks on CBS during 1974-75. (there are!)   This is a look back from 1977, at the celebrations from our 1976 Bicentennial.  I remember the time well, nearly our entire school bought Bicentennial shirts, red, white and blue with stars on the sleeves.  My family piled into my mom’s Ford Torino and we took our first trip to Washington DC that summer.  Watching the Tall Ships in NY Harbor makes me wish we could have been there on that day, my dad would have loved that.  This is bittersweet to watch, the focus is so different than today, on any day of the year.

This is an Open Thread, Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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