RED Friday

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On this day, May 15th,  1756, the French and Indian War, officially begins when England declares war on France. Fighting  between England and France had been going on in North America for years already, but in 1756 the British were defeated more than a few times by the French along with the Indian allies.

Here’s an interesting take on how the war began, causes and effects…

Also on this day in 1942 as World War 2 raged,  the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAACs) which granted women official military status was established.

In 1945, US Marines secure Chocolate Drop Hill at Okinawa, after fighting in the interconnecting tunnels.

I couldn’t find decent footage, and other Okinawa battle videos are pretty long and involved, but I did find this gem. Joseph Blum from North Carolina did what many did when the US entered the war, lied about his age and joined the Marines. While he did fight at Okinawa, all of his service was an interesting story!

There’s quite a lot else that happened on this day in history, if you feel like checking out more

God bless our troops and veterans! MG, Snake & Bam, we hope you guys are healing, and getting stronger every day.

Have  a blessed and safe RED  Friday all!

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