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For two decades, the US has been committed to generational war and nation-building in the Mideast, fatiguing our military and weakening the US economically. China observed this and began quietly pushing for global dominance, establishing a strong foothold in the Pacific with its “Belt and Road Initiative”, mimicking Japan’s military control of Pacific islands that cost so many US lives in WW2.

The Mad Ruler of North Korea has been very useful to China, providing a test of US will and power, and further stretching US military assets, while presenting low risk to China. Bordering on North Korea, China has a convenient opportunity to test its new weapons systems, our defenses against those weapons, and our will to respond: “… reports emerged that a People’s Liberation Army Navy destroyer had aimed a laser beam at a Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft flying in the Philippine Sea earlier this month.”

China takes advantage of other such opportunities as well: “The U.S. military says a Chinese laser fired from the country’s outpost in the East African nation of Djibouti did injure the crew of a U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo aircraft during another incident in 2018 … The Australian military reported being on the receiving end of laser incidents on multiple occasions last year.” I haven’t had time to check on that, but I hope the source of that laser was vaporized.

China’s military is now at or near superpower level and still building:
“The [Type 094 ballistic missile submarines] represent an important and expanding second-strike nuclear capability for China and, together with reported work on the H-20 stealth strategic bomber, is evidence that the country is moving closer to deploying a true deterrent triad of land, sea, and aerial delivery platforms.”

China has developed big ears as well. The US has developed better and more secure underwater communications, but these Chinese listening devices could listen in on secure communications, and they are planted in strategic locations: within range of Guam and the major strategic US Naval base at Apra Harbor. One wonders if they can also interfere with US military communications underwater.

While the US is just beginning to test artificial intelligence in the military and spacewar capability   China and other enemies have been mass producing current-tech weapons so much that they can by sheer numbers overwhelm the best defenses our carriers and destroyers have: “Today China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are all mass producing ASCM [Anti Ship Cruise Missiles] that are technologically advanced, reliable, relatively cheap, and mobile … the threat from ASCMs has evolved faster than the organic self-defense capabilities amphibious assault ships are equipped with.”

So the US has no choice but to engage in the most astronomically expensive arms race in the history of the world. The survival of the US and it allies now comes down to two questions: first, is God going to continue to protect the United States, which He has done in the past? That is the most important question, but space does not permit that it be discussed here, and it is not something we can demonstrate with facts until it’s all over.

The second question is this: How determined are how many Americans that America shall survive? That question involves multiple topics which we can’t fully examine here. China has a nation of slaves who do what they’re told because they don’t want to die. Also China has bought a great deal of power over other nations, as in the Pacific. What will it take to counter that?

It will take enough Americans dedicated enough to sustain the rapidly and eternally increasing costs of military superiority in space, on land, on and under the sea, and man those weapons with well-trained warriors. Or the will to first-strike China’s military, completely obliterate it, and absorb whatever they can do to us in the process, plus deal with Russia during and after, and accept the universal condemnation and ill-will of other nations. We would have to wage nuclear war on a very large scale without warning. I don’t think the US will do that, so we’re left with the expensive arms race option.

America’s population now consists of a deeply divided nation of at least several factions, plus at least one generation of snowflakes who have no mental or emotional strength and no ideology beyond free stuff and easy living, plus an entrenched Deep State which hates the American way of life. Can you picture these groups submitting themselves to the rigors of long-term economic deprivation necessary to continue the current massive arms race? Or dedicating their lives to the occupations necessary to produce, maintain, and use global-scale weapons? But that’s what has to be done. Maybe not immediately, but within a year or two. Unless of course the Chinese decide to launch a first strike before then.

Given the aggressive, expanding developments in the Chinese military, I do not accept it as coincidence that a virus came out of China which had devastated the US economy when we had just achieved the greatest economic strength America has had in my seventy years. The China virus was an act of war.

Regardless of the cost, there are those in the US military who are trying to re-shape our military to meet the threat. It will have to be re-shaped.  “… looking at the viability and survivability of aircraft carriers in reflection of emerging threats that put into question carriers’ their ability to project relevant combat capability … The Navy’s current carrier deployment model is considered broken … investing so much into so few hulls in light of the shifting geopolitical winds and America’s potential enemies’ growing anti-access, area-denial capabilities … we could be just six months away from the emergence of a major shift in American naval strategy…”

I re-list an article cited above which describes the plans put forward by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, for the Marine Corps. What General Berger want to do is essentially hand long-term land missions back to the Army, take the Marine Corp back to its traditional sea-based mission, and use much smaller ships than current craft for Marine Corps amphibious assaults. He recognizes the far more effective weapons Marines are likely to face, and he is attempting to force others to recognize the necessity of changing in response. Excerpts from the article, not direct quotes from General Berger, but based on his words:

“General Berger explicitly acknowledged the high cost and vulnerability of [traditional large] amphibious assault ships when he wrote that the Navy and Marine Corps could not continue on the current path of ‘heavily investing in expensive and exquisite capabilities that regional aggressors have optimized their forces to target…’ ”

“General Berger is saying [supercarriers and big assault ships] are too expensive and too vulnerable to put in harms way …” Permit me a little sarcasm here: I have a novel from the early 1950s in which a Naval officer says the same thing. Duh. Welcome to the party, people.

That’s just a concept of a plan for beginning a largely new Navy. Do we have time? All governments move at glacial speed. With the current Deep State and Democrat Party enemies trying to sabotage America, will we be able to make necessary changes? The mere financial costs would dwarf even our current budget.

I won’t try to persuade you to adopt my point of view, but I think this information should be known to all Americans. To quote Hercule Poirot, “I do not remark on these facts. I only present them for consideration.”

God bless all our troops and veterans.  We are so grateful for your service!!

Have a blessed RED Friday all.

Late edit & add on from LG. This may be worth passing on, because this is pathetic. 

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