Saturday Porch Time

“…  Ravi is now enjoying the glory  of that hope of the resurrection that will come for all of us…”  Abdu Murray

I know that there are a lot of things we could post on a Saturday open, but I don’t think that folks mind me posting more Ravi stuff today. It is an Open porch and folks can post whatever’s on their minds to share too.

But I watched this Thursday night, and it just made the tears flow. Not out of sadness really, although his death is hitting hard, but because of so much he had accompished, so much impact he’d had and still will because of the wealth of  RZIM teaching materials, videos and sermons that have been left to us all.  And because of his life… his character, his joy now in Glory and the knowledge of that race Ravi ran willingly, tirelessly and so faithfully that we know without a doubt of the rejoicing in Heaven for one of the faithful coming home.

Anyway, watching this, there is a short clip of Ravi speaking at the beginning of it, at Billy Graham’s funeral.  His words hit deep, as did the testimonies of some of the folks on this compilation, and it reminded me of what Lawngren said this week about continuing on in Ravi’s work.  Not that we are all called to be apologists (although I’ve often thought about it, and it fascinated me from the get go) but we are all called to do in our own lives what God called him to do in his.

I don’t know what kind of  service I can be, but I have a desire to ‘be’ and do.  It’s a scary thought, because my own mind tells me I’m too old, not smart enough, not a good speaker, and not an intellectual. I do better when I have time to think (which is why online is good for me lol). But I know also that  I shouldn’t question or underestimate what God can do… if I am willing and obedient.

Anyway, enough about me and my wandering… let’s listen to this, and just  be touched by this sweet tribute to an amazing hero in the faith.

One more note, I guess I’ll not get to see it live, but Friday, May 29, at 11 a.m. ET will be a global livestream memorial service honoring and a celebration of Ravi’s life and legacy RZIM on YouTube and on Facebook.  We will try and get it on the HB so folks can watch.

Happy Saturday all. I’m back to my weekend chores  in between week day work lol. I’ll be popping in as much as I can, and hope folks will do the same.  🙂


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