Sunday Porch Time

Happy Sunday!

Ravi once said,  You can only learn so much from books. You can only learn so much from education. Ultimately, it is the wisdom of God that will carry you through in the toughest situations of life.”

That is so true. While Ravi was well educated and very knowledgeable about many subjects, the wisdom in the way he spoke, not just words, but prose, with a purpose, to get eye level and heart level to everyone he came in contact with, whether one on one, or one on thousands in a stadium, is evident that God was present and active in his ministry and life.

Just in case folks missed it last night, or didn’t get a chance to watch it, the link HotT left for Clarence Thomas’s In His Own Words was really good and well worth watching.  He’s led an incredible life, for sure. Over come some incredible circumstances, made not so good choices when he was younger… just as we all do.  But when it mattered to him, he’s stood on his convictions no matter the cost and gained wisdom in the process.

Justice Thomas’s Grandfather had a huge impact on his life and direction, in spite of a time of youthful rebellion and stubbornness.  As I watched this program, I couldn’t help but wonder at the  fact that there is so much wisdom in some folks who do not have a diploma hanging on their wall, and in the case of his grandfather, nothing past a 3rd grade education.  It makes the quote above by Ravi so much more real.  God gives wisdom freely to those who ask, but more  so to those who will use it.  Knowledge has increased, but wisdom is hard to find, even  though ‘she cries out’…

I saw this short clip last night. I believe it’s when Ravi was speaking at the Mormon Tabernacle.  He got a lot of flack when he went there, much of it from Christians, believing he was going soft on the truth. Not at all. He was as gracious and loving as ever, and just as full of truth and wisdom as always.  This clip includes a part of his testimony that he doesn’t always talk about.  And the photos in memory… just a sweet tribute.

Please feel free to share your church services with us! Have a blessed Sunday all.

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