A Warrior Remembered

I realize that folks expect Fridays to recognize our military, and Remember Everyone Deployed.   And  today we do  give thanks and prayers for all our troops and Veterans. There is so much going on around the world and in our country, that they are always in our hearts and minds.

But today, we remember a different kind of warrior.  He was a tremendous warrior for Truth and the Lord.  Ravi  Zacharias  is being  remembered today, and  thanks to RZIM  and Ravi’s family, they are giving millions who loved and learned so much from him a chance for us to remember and say our “see you laters”.

Just as I don’t say good bye to friends when they are deployed, I don’t say good bye either to those who are deployed to heaven’s glory either.  Because I will see them again.

I hope folks have a chance to see this live,   hoping and praying this link will show live- you may want to refresh this page just in case it doesn’t, and see if that will help.

If not, those of us who can’t, will watch and remember him later.

God bless our friends, God bless  families who are apart by separation, whether by deployment, or those taken for heavenly deployments.

Have a  blessed and safe Friday all. And get your  RED on  if you haven ‘t already.
Today is an open thread.

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