Saturday Open Porch

Happy Saturday all.  It’s been a busy week and now a busy weekend ahead.

I hope folks had a chance to watch the memorial for Ravi yesterday, it  was amazing and a beautiful service.   I have so much in my head and heart about it, but don’t  have the words right now to talk about i t. The more I have watched of Ravi and so many other great teachers  the past  years makes  me  grateful for the internet.  Even though many platforms such as you tube are  politically motivated and were started up by folks who have certain agendas, there are so many people out there that use these forums to share good, positive and  godly things.

One thing  about  Ravi’s passing and watching those who  aren’t  in  our  world  anymore, is that I’m revisiting  a  lot of the old  teachers that  I   used  to read or  listen to  when I was  a   young  Christian.     One of   Ravi’s   ‘heroes’ was   Dr.   Norman  Geisler.    I  have   a book both of them co wrote together,    Who Made God?: And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith. It’s an amazing book by two of the greats in Christian apologetics.

Anyway, as I was   finding a few rabbit   holes last night, I came upon this  short talk from Dr. Geisler of 12 points that prove Christianity is true. If you like solid teaching, this is a good video for you 🙂

It’s only a half hour but full of good nuggets.

It’s a wide open porch today. Share whatever you feel like sharing and I hope folks will drop in often through the day  to  say hi, hang out  a  bit or  just see what  folks are up to.

I’ll start us off for the day with this song, just in case you missed it a few days ago, I love it! Amadeo (Italian for the love of God) by Ryan Stevenson 🙂

Have a beauty day all!

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