The Cosmic Fumble

Introduction: we all know people like Buck Passer, who try to divert attention from their own sins by blaming others. I suspect most of us have done that at some point. It’s a deadly habit, because it’s a form of lying. Lie often enough and you lose the ability to know what is true about yourself. That road leads to darkness in the soul. Buck Passer in this account is having an unplanned encounter with God after an accident while under the influence that came close to killing him.


GOD: What am I going to have to do to get your attention? You have departed from My Word so far that you are in danger of total darkness.

Buck Passer: Well, am I so bad? I mean, I’m not dealing drugs. I haven’t abandoned my family. And besides, God, who fumbled the ball? Look at this world. Every day, whose incompetence destroys lives, wreaks havoc on this planet? Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis … thousands of people dying … now corona virus … someone’s colossal fumbling is pouring pain and death on this planet every day. God, did You make a miscalculation? A cosmic fumble? After that, are You judging me because I made a couple of mistakes?

GOD: Are you talking to ME?

Buck Passer: Well, you’re the Creator, right? And I remember from high school geology class that at least once, probably many times, Your Creation went from order to chaos, killing every living thing on Earth. What kind of a God lets that happen? I don’t see how You can judge me. And if You slipped up even once, let alone multiple times, how do we know it’s not going to happen again? Maybe even after we get to Heaven!

GOD: Let’s hear the evidence.

Asteroid impact craters. Fossils of animals that died fast and all at once. Rocks with magnetized particles that don’t align with the earth’s current magnetic field, so the magnetic field has changed. My science teacher said this has happened many times in the past. When the magnetic poles reverse, the magnetic field weakens so much that cosmic rays reach the earth’s surface and fry living cells. If that happens now, it’ll damage satellites, which we really need right now with Chinese aggression and the new Space Force Initiative, and –

GOD: STOP. Where is your evidence that I I , Me, I-Am, Jehovah, slipped up?

Buck Passer: Uh well uh, I mean who else …

GOD: You have not studied My Word, son. You have only read it, and only a little of it.

Buck Passer: Ah, uh, son? I didn’t think You’d still …

GOD: … call you My son? Why is that, Mr. Fumble? Could that be because you lost it several years back and reverted to your pre-Christian “lifestyle”?

Buck Passer: >cough< Well, sort of. I mean I was a little out of line there for a while.

GOD: A little? A DUI, two counts of assault, also while under the influence, receiving stolen goods, theft, disrespecting your mother who loves you so much that she bailed you out? I had to put a heavy guilt trip on you to keep you from jumping bail on that DUI charge. If you had cost your mother that $500 bail, she wouldn’t have been able to pay for her medications. She would have been facing severe medical consequences, and I would have …

Buck Passer: – I know, I know; please let’s not talk about that; I’m so ashamed that the thought even passed through my mind! It hurts.

GOD: We will come back to that. First, if you study My Word, or even talk to your mother’s pastor, you’ll discover that I have allowed limited control of your planet to pass into the hands of the former angel you call the devil, and he fumbled. He thought he could control the universe. Read Isaiah 14:12-14. He planned to try a revolt against Me. To keep the holy angels from fearing Me, rather than immediately imprisoning him forever, I chose to give him temporary control over this planet to prove that he was capable. This planet, as it was it was long before I created Adam and Eve. He wasn’t capable. He and his demons were proven utterly incompetent. This beautiful, peaceful planet that I created was turned into a chaotic disaster area.

Buck Passer: Why’d You create him like that? I mean, You’re supposed to be able to see the future and You’re supposed to be all-powerful; why didn’t You create him so that he’d do right?

GOD: Son, you have no moral standing to ask, or intellectual ability in your present life to understand My purposes. Only three men in all of history have been allowed to know my purposes beyond what is commonly known from My Word before they died. You are not one of them. And there is another reason for pain and death: people sin. Consider the wreck you have made of your life and then ask yourself how you could possibly understand eternal purposes and infinite knowledge?

Buck Passer: I guess that means I don’t have a choice, doesn’t it? Blind trust. When someone asks you to trust them without showing how you know they can be trusted, it’s time to be suspicious.

GOD: if you study My Word, you will find reason enough to trust Me. Now it’s time to talk about your sins and what you have done to yourself and others by violating My commands. First, and most important in My court, you have deeply hurt the three most important people in your life: your mother, your wife, and your son. Yes, I see you trying to hold back those tears. You know you cut them to the heart. That’s why you went back to drinking. You couldn’t handle the guilt. Your father’s death hurt you so badly that you started drinking. And the drinking led to all the rest of your sins. Even that cute young waitress at –

Buck Passer: STOP! STOP! Please! I can’t … I can’t … I hate myself! I … didn’t want … I didn’t …

GOD: But your wife heard about it. From one of your “drinking buddies” who makes a sport out of going after other men’s wives. And if you hadn’t been seriously drunk when you found out who told her, you’d have succeeded in kiling him. You were right to be angry – at yourself. Son, do you not even remember enough of My Word to know what to do with guilt?

Buck Passer: I was just flirting, just teasing … this isn’t fair …

GOD: Let Me tell you what’s fair: I made sure your adulterous “buddy” saw your flirting, so that he would tell your wife. Because I saw what was in your heart, and you know, if you are truthful with yourself, that you weren’t planning on stopping with flirting. It took the agonizing pain you saw in your wife’s eyes, heard in her voice, to stop you. You let your father’s death from a drunk driver turn you away from Me into the same sin that killed your father. So tell me, son, who fumbled your life?

Buck Passer: I did! Alright? I did! I royally messed up my life! Are You happy now? >collapsed on his knees sobbing<

GOD: Yes! Because acknowledging sin is the first step to restoring your relationship with Me, and I am the only Being in the entire Universe Who can cause you to stand and not fall when you face a temptation to do wrong or not to do right. I am another Who was wounded by your sins. I created you for victory! For joy! I created you to do awesome good in the lives of those who know you, to honor My Son’s sacrifice and to bring some of those people into contact with Him! My Son suffered My wrath against your sins on a Roman cross so that you could be born again and be the man I created you to be. One pain, terrible though it was, and one sin, and you were ready to throw that away. To deny with your life that He died for you, and for the whole world.

But you are still My Son, because you believed in My Son Jesus. You made a public stand in His name. And I will not allow you to throw that away and be a cause for people to turn away from the forgiveness, the salvation and the love I offer to all who will believe and trust Me. It is time for you to stop blaming everyone else, admit your sinfulness to those you have damaged, ask their forgiveness, accept their forgiveness and Mine, and begin to let Me change you into the man I created you to be: a reflection of My Son in your life.

Buck Passer: It’s too late. My wife will never forgive me. My mother, and my son … oh God! What have I done? And Jake, my uncle, he’s my closest friend … but he’s not a Christian. He’ll never believe me …

GOD: Who created this world, and the world that was before? Are you really telling Me what I am and am not capable of? You have done serious damage, but I can minimize the damage and cause some good to come from it. But whether anyone forgives you or not, you will be My witness from now on. Your sins were not and never will be “good”, but I can heal the worst of the damage, and give you the strength to endure the rest. And I forgive you, this moment, because you have just confessed your sins and given obvious evidence of regret for them. That, My son, is what is known as “repentance”. That’s where you start. Now it is possible for you and I to start walking together again. Now get up, My son, Buck, and go home. You are ready to speak honestly to your wife for the first time in several years, and to ask her to forgive you. She is the first one you need to speak to.

Buck Passer: OK … yes … alright. Lord. Father.

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