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O’ Happy Day  all.   It was requested earlier this week by Heather and Puddintain to maybe have a regular   Ravi ‘day’  on the porch. Daisy and I  love Ravi  (no kidding huh) and thought it was a   great  idea. So,   even though  we’ll  be posting some favorite videos from Ravi  on Saturdays  for the foreseeable future, it’s s till an  open  porch day, for folks to hang out, and share whatever they feel  like sharing~ with  no pressure to watch our selected  discussions, sermons or Q&A videos.

For today, I’d like to post the first visit Ravi made, among much controversy to the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah back in 2004.  I remember scratching my head too when I found out he was going to be there speaking. I was fairly new on the computer back then, and only had dial up, so understandably  I didn’t watch much you tube or any other video type stuff. It was just too hard to stream it. Since the talk wasn’t aired on the radio, I never did hear it  until years later on you tube.  And by that time, I understood Ravi’s passion and respect so much for others, even among  what most  Bible believing Christians call either heretical or cults.  That’s a discussion for another time, but suffice to say, Mormon’s  weren’t exactly  thrilled either  at the thought   of  being over  run with ‘evangelicals’.   But Ravi always  had a  way of  bridging the gaps  between beliefs and ideologies as he  did with gender, age and culture. He did it in such  a  style of  Jesus- which many of us  fall so short of the mark- through love, compassion, and deep respect for the individual, made in God’s image regardless of their belief  or ideologies.

And such  as it  was with  his agreeing to speak at the Mormon Tabernacle. I gained a  ton more respect for him  for  doing this  because even through  such grace and love,  he  never  shied away from the   Truth  that is  Jesus- God’s Only  Begotten Son, who came the  first time in  the  flesh, Emmanuel, God with us, to save the  world through  His perfect, sinless, spotless sacrifice on the cross.

One more interesting note. DL Moody  also spoke at the Tabernacle in 1899 during a similar Evangelical/Protestant service, no doubt just as controversial as when Ravi spoke there the first time.

Here’s Ravi. I’ve started this nearly 30  minutes  in,  to save some time for folks because it is a long one.

It’s probably going to be a wet weekend here,  but we’re now into our rainy season 🙂 I hope folks everywhere have a blessed and beauty   day!

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