Mid Week Open Porch

There’s been so much going on everywhere, and I can imagine everyone has a lot on their minds. I know I do.  I have a few things I’ve been thinking about, but just haven ‘t gotten them together in my head yet.  So until then, and for today, let’s make it an open porch. I know folks would like to talk  about a lot of things going on.  We don’t mind it, but maybe an idea to keep the porch encouraging and hope filled, say what’s on your mind  about  politics, or our  country, world things going on,  but also say something you’re grateful for even in the  midst of things, or share some quotes, or songs to help us focus on our Hope even while things seem hopeless.

One thing people sure are short on these days is forgiveness. This is a good sermon, although a longer one,  but just right for this time.   Sometimes we need a meaty message,  and John MacArthur is good at delivering scriptural meat.

We’ve focused a lot in articles, discussions and music over the years here on the topic of forgiveness.  Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s harder to forgive ourselves.  But Jesus had a lot to say  about forgiveness, and if more folks in this country would see it begin  with Christians first, maybe the practice would catch on.

I love this song, because of the story behind it. If you haven’t seen the story, you can find it on you tube.

So why should we forgive, other than because Jesus said so? Because He forgave us first and I am so grateful for His amazing Grace.

OK it’s y’alls turn.  Have a blessed day all.

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