Suddenly Sunday

Days are flying by like crazy.  Time is weird.  It doesn’t matter how buisy or slow I might be at work, the time drags, but when I look back at the end of the week, it’s like a blink and gone.  Weekends are a blur even when I’m puttering around with chores.

So here we are, it’s suddenly Sunday again- and that means open porch, open church 🙂  Please share your church services with us here so we can continue gathering as an online body and find ourselves getting more from the Word,filling us up, hopefully giving us the encouragement, wisdom, energy and Spirit to help us through this coming week.

But until Church,  lets journey back in time to the ancient City of David and see what cool things are revealed this week…

I love the way the Bible comes to life, love the Word which speaks even now and forever.

Have a blessed and safe Sunday!

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