War, Food, and COV19

This article will consist largely of a review of a book, “The Taste of War”, by Lizzie Collingham, an incredibly detailed, 621-page, carefully documented history of the role of food in World War 2. Im only 116 pages into it, but the lessons are very clear and highly applicable to us today.

My purpose in this article is to highlight just how dangerous America’s position is with regard to food. This will have to be two articles, as there are two major sources of danger to our food supply. The danger I’m writing about here is the danger of external enemies using food as a weapon of war, or more precisely, as a means to stack the deck in their favor when they decide to go to a hot war against the US.

Those two will be followed up with a crucially important facebook interview which you should view now, since it’s worth forwarding to activists and politicians ASAP.

This is an interview with a doctor who has intensively studied the facts of the cov19 epidemic. He has come up with a complete narrative that seems to fit all the facts. He is highly intelligent, but he doesn’t talk over our heads. You may have to pause the video at several points to fully grasp what he says. He is an extreme optimist in his beliefs about human society and the end result of COV19, but his explanation is so important that I forgive him for that. He lives in Hawaii. Not the real world.

The three articles and two topics are connected, but each is too long to combine them into one article.

On p. I of the Introduction to “The Taste of War”, the author states, “During the Second World War at least 20 million people died … a terrible death from starvation, malnutrition, and its associated diseases…” That’s about as many as died from military action.

The author explains that at the beginning of WW2, Britain and America “dominated” the international economy. Britain had responded to rising industrialization and population by “embracing free trade” and importing about 15% of its food for both humans and animals. America had a vast reservoir of farmland and other resources to draw on, and excellent trade opportunities for anything available on the global market.

Germany and Japan had neither of these assets. Facing the choice of a hungry / starving population or competing in the global market against far richer giants, both Germany and Japan decided on military conquest of weaker neighbors, expecting that after they had murdered or starved literally tens of millions of the neighbors’ populations, their own people would gladly flock to the supposedly empty lands and start farming. Google “Herbert Backe + the Hunger Plan” for confirmation and grim details.

This is not just history. As the author notes, “The problem which confronted Germany and Japan in the 1930s … has returned to confront the developing world with even greater force..”

There’s a diabolical twist on the theme this time: China and Russia are moving with strength and intent to become the power that controls the globe. And bill gates, government officials and politicians are now saying we MUST be vaccinated with a vaccine manufactured in China. In World War 2, food became a weapon, but no one was forcing us to buy poisoned food from our enemies. Today, our own government, aka the Deep State, is in collusion with bill gates, globalists, and China to force us to accept an unknown injection from a remorseless, implacable, relentless enemy.

Thankfully, America only imports about 15% of its food, according to the FDA.  That’s about the same proportion that Britain imported at the beginning of WW2. The author quotes British citizens of the time saying that “at no point in the war did [the Battle of the Atlantic] threaten the British people with hunger, let alone starvation.”

But Britain had to depend on America, and had America to depend on, for food and materials to keep their troops combat-capable, and their population able to support the troops. “In March 1943, the [Ministry of Food] warned the War Cabinet that Britain was consuming three-quarters of a million tons more goods than it was importing and within two months reserves would have run dry.” Lord Cherwell, Churchill’s scientific advisor, “… sent a veiled threat to the United States military … ‘we could hardly undertake new [military] operations, however favourable the opportunity, with stocks so near exhaustion.’ “

Who will supply America if China gains enough control to shut off our food imports? If after a year or so of depleting our food reserves, China decides to switch to military war instead of food war, how will the outcome be affected?

During WW2, America had magnificent unity of spirit. Almost the entire population were patriotic supporters of America, willing to sacrifice for the troops on the front lines. How is it with America today? Will antifa, or Black Lives Matter, or college students, rally for the good of the nation either in war or food war? Would the snowflakes endure a little hardship for the nation they have been taught to hate? If they were willing, what can they accomplish, these IT buffs who know nothing about manufacturing, repairs, maintenance or farming? Who are used to someone giving them everything?

Who will deliver food if things get worse? cdlife, a trucking news site, says, “Seventy-seven percent of truck drivers say they will refuse to deliver freight to cities with defunded police departments.Those who pay off whatever group is in power will deliver the goods. Think about the consequences that would have for any American who does not bend the knee to those groups. Think about going to such groups and asking for food when your family is starving.

One of the most chilling aspects of nazi Germany is the way in which various men, all with their own iniquitous plans, were able to exploit hitler’s seizure of power and his conveniently hazy vision of the future to realize their own designs.” (Taste of War, Herbert Backe and the Hunger Plan)

Can the Deep State be trusted if food rationing is necessary? When in fact we are already moving toward the Mark of the Beast and forced vaccinations?

Most of America’s manufacturing has been outsourced offshore. Manufacturing is not something you can just step back into like putting on new clothes. It takes time, huge investment, training, and willingness to work hard at sometimes difficult and maybe dangerous labor.

Is America self-sufficient anymore? And we are pouring billions of dollars into foreign aid, even to some nations that are our enemies. Can we support them and ourselves if China tightens the noose around our necks?

As with all human plans, there will be unforeseen developments, unintended consequences, cracks through which some innocent people may slip without getting ground up, human ingenuity, and the hand of God. If my fear is correct, that we are about to step into the Great Tribulation, this time there will be no getting better until King Jesus returns approximately seven years after the antiChrist is revealed. If my hope is correct, that the Rapture will occur before the Great Tribulation begins, Western Christians may still escape the worst of it. Regardless, there are things to consider and preparations we can make. See you next week, same time, same station. In the meantime…

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:28)

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