America The Beautiful

Over the years I’ve watched you tube videos from various conservative groups who send out ‘man on the street’ interviewers to ask younger folks, usually college students various questions which every high school aged person and older ought to know… and yet the displays of ignorance is beyond pitiful.  The latest from Campus Reform is no different.  But then again, maybe it is, because usually when these videos ‘go viral’,  we are so quick to blame the students for being fools, and while we may think it, no one really calls the so called educators to task for failing to teach truthful quality subjects anymore.

I always loved History, even in school. Although I just barely passed, because history class required a lot of memory work, dates, events and people, which I never could keep straight.  But at least we were taught it.

In our current state of chaos and 1984’ish society, America is fracturing as never before, and it’s being pushed along by many politicians, media and educators who live the benefits of what this nation has given, but despise everything about what this nation has been.

We know we’re in for a world of hurt when we allow young, uneducated (because they were never taught) woke know-it-alls to run the narrative of what American is and has always been.  And it’s amazing to me that a majority of them have probably never experienced life outside of their own state or in another country.

I’ve spent decades writing about the exceptionalism of America,  and most people I know feel the same way, that they are blessed to be living or grateful for have being born here.  But ask someone who came here from another country, especially former communist held countries about what they think of America, and then ask an American born young adult the same question and you will most likely receive a radically different answer.   Many American born young people have been taught from progressive/secular and leftist ideologies,  many of which are the same as those who’ve escaped from when they came to the US.

We all have different experiences, but it seems to me that if you’re looking to find out what this nation means to people,  ask someone who spent their life savings, or saw their parents give everything they had, to come here from somewhere else.

I only came from north of the border, and while there are real differences between Canada and the US,  my experience doesn’t come close to someone who came here with nothing, yet built a life from scratch, hard work and the freedom to try.   Yes, I spent a lot of money, and more in time and learning to come here, and every bit of it was worth it. Just as if you’d ask some of those from any other nation who would say the same.

America isn’t perfect, and immigrants who come here know that- but what it is or has been, has been a whole lot better than anywhere else.  And leftists know it.  That’s why they continue to live in the US while trashing it.  Movie ‘stars’, media talking heads, millionaires who play sports for a living, big tech billionaires and politicians, all know that they could never have the opportunities they’ve had in any other country in the world and still talk trash about America.  It’s because they want the power and control to make this country in line with their ideologies, which are antithetical to everything this nation was founded upon.

America has never been perfect.  But show me any nation on the planet which is or has been.  Yes racism is an issue here, just as it is and has been in every nation on the planet- because it’s a heart issue.  A sin issue.  A fallen world issue.  Those who came here, planted the colonies, expanded westward and brought in the industrial revolution, then the tech revolution… those Americans who’ve given time, money, resources, aid, food, and the gospel to millions around the world aren’t perfect. The people who put on the badge at the start of the day, go out to serve and protect aren’t perfect. Those who fight daily to preserve freedom aren’t perfect.  Neither am I, and neither are you.  But when one has trust in and recognizes our accountability to our Creator, we strive to make a better society by following Jesus’s commands to love one another, and love our enemies.  We don’t and won’t always get it right, but we keep on trying.

America has gotten things wrong in the past, and if we dare to preserve our real history we might actually learn from it.  Actually we have learned from it.  It’s those who willfully destroy it that are repeating it.   It’s those who believe godless anarchy is the way to perfect society, who’ve thrown God and morality out and who demonize those who hold to the ‘old’ ways of God, Constitution and Freedom who are perpetrating a bigger evil.

But consider these things.  The America that kept slavery, was the America that abolished it by thousands of dying men who fought it.  The America that has been accused of systemic racism is the same nation that gave us men like Fredrick Douglass, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King… not to mention Clarence Thomas, Tomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Lt. Col. Alan West,  and America’s Black President among hundreds of thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and… cops.  The America that demands defunding the cops, and tears down statues of our founding fathers is the same America that has been a nation of laws under the Constitution. Millions of immigrants have desired to have the freedoms afforded by it because many of them came from lawless tyrannies.

And, the America which has been lamented about for lack of opportunities, education and more have nots than haves, is the same America that the poorest of the poor have come to these shores with nothing but their clothes on their backs and worked hard, suffered, toiled, sweat and even bled for, who’ve built successful businesses, opportunities and communities that thrive.

America is a perception.  It all depends on how you look at it.  Not with rose colored glasses, praising it as perfection.   And definitely not by condemning the present by the sins of the past, unforgiving, never learning, while tearing it all down.

Those of us who came here from somewhere else look at it honestly.  Battle scars, scabs and all.  Seeing the realities of the good, bad and the ugly.  Seeing the exceptional times, help in crisis, reaching out to those in need whether they live across the street or on the other side of the world.  Seeing the efforts and hardiness, generosity, work ethic, morality and priorities of many individuals who make up a united country.

America is hurting, and she’s not perfect.  But she’ll always be America the beautiful to me, and millions of others.  I thank God that He allowed me to come here, even though it’s not perfect, there’s nowhere else  on this earth that I’d rather be.

It’s an open porch, tell us what you love and appreciate about this exceptional nation, and share your favorite songs.

Happy Independence Day everyone.  Be safe, and pray for our nation and our people.

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