Something different today- Saturday Soapbox

Hey folks, happy Saturday!  It’s still an open porch, but I have a few things on my mind I’ve wanted to share for a while about all what’s going on in our country right now.  I know there’s lots coming from all sides right now about who’s voice matters more, and who knows more than anyone else.  All sides are on the bandwagon of blame, or jumping on the blame game, or promoting the privilege party.

I was, and still am sickened about seeing what happened to George Floyd.  It was murder, and it was evil. And to see that, with others standing around not doing anything was detestable. And yes, I despise when people get killed for no other reason than the melanin content of their skin- whether one has more or less of it. It’s wrong.  Whether it’s done by cops, or government sponsored groups (back in the day of the KKK, and still now with PP) or by ignorant bigots.  It happens too much every day in our country, but no amount of riots are going to stop it.  No amount of the media, politicians and Hollywood/music/sports ‘stars’ telling everyone on the lighter end of the scale that we’re all racist and privileged, is going to stop it.   It’s not going to stop those who hate from killing others, whether its white on black, black on white, white on white, black on black, or every race on every race, tribe or country. Hate is deeper than skin shades.

What bothers me most about that is not that we’ve all been called a racist, but that people are judging people by the color of their skin, and not the content of their character.  Gee.

Where have we heard that before?

One of the problems with real racism has always been judging a group of (most times) black folks because they happen to have brown or dark brown skin.  They are painted with a broad brush simply because of what is perceived.  To put it bluntly, some mind sets would say, a bunch of blacks beat and robbed an old man, therefore all blacks are thugs and ought not to be trusted.  That’s so wrong.

But so is painting everyone who is white/Caucasian/European descent or whatever we are as racist because there are whites who are racist and do evil things because of it.

There are bad people in every culture, society, and race.  There are decent people in every culture, society and race.

The point is, it’s not a skin problem, it’s a sin problem.  It’s a heart problem.  And it seems like many people of all sides are focused on what can “we” do about it other than admit our bigotry, racism and privilege and conform to whatever society tells us we must do- whether bend our knee to those who have been offended, or make reparations, or, like Chic Fil A’s Dan Cathay suggested at Passion City Church about a month ago- to shine black folks shoes to show shame for racism.

Funny, I didn’t hear much from him about sharing the gospel or having fellowship with them.  No reminder  that only Christ Jesus is the One Whom all knees will bend to.

Just showing shame.  Because if he feels like he’s a racist, then it must mean we all are.

Now we move onto the next level of things, for folks like me who won’t admit I’m a racist.  Tell us we are even though we might not realize or know we are.  I guess because being white, but not realizing I’m a racist, everyone else knows I’m a racist because I’m white and privileged.  And white is synonymous with privilege, supremacy and racism.

I saw an article earlier this Friday evening,  which just made me shake my head.  Not surprised by it, but just.. sigh.  It’s the natural progression of progressivism I guess.

To make a long pitiful story thankfully short, the Gov of Michigan hasn’t had anyone else to dictate too since she’s about killed off most small businesses, now she is going after health care workers and their implicit biases in treating people of color.  In one part she admits white people might not realize they have implicit bias’s, but that’s no excuse.

““These disparities can arise even when not intended because of the prevalence of what is sometimes called implicit bias: thoughts and feelings that, by definition, often exist outside of conscious awareness, and therefore are difficult to control. But they can shape behavior, including the behavior of health care professionals. One way to reduce disparities in health outcomes, therefore, is to seek to eliminate the unconscious biases, misconceptions, and stereotypes that can lead to disparities in how health care is provided.””

I guess that means more sensitivity training.   But anyway, before this gets to be a longer rant than I wanted to have for a Saturday,  I wanted to share this short video from Todd Friel (Wretched Radio) who features something interesting which Pastor Voddie Baucham has to say about this very real issue of what he calls Ethnic Gnosticism.   Please listen.

I first heard this over a week ago, and wanted to talk about it, but seeing this and other similar ‘news’ stories this past week,  it is perfect timing. But I have one question that I wondered when I first heard it.  All those tolerant folks who know how much the rest of us are racist, aren’t they the same folks who use the oft misquoted “thou shalt not judge”?

OK so that brings me to my last part of today’s heart bits.

While the issues in our country, and world are a heart and sin issue, one of the symptoms of that affliction is lack of respect.  So few people seem to have respect anymore for each other, or even themselves.  And how can one have respect for others if they have no respect for the Lord Who Created them?

I watched this movie last night to see if it was something decent to post for an open porch today.  As I watched, I found myself thinking so much about our society and the lack of respect…  but it is a good movie.  I liked it because I like John Ratzenberger and Eric Roberts, but the story is a good one.

While it’s centered around a troubled young man, it can be a lesson for everyone no matter the age, that everyone deserves one more chance, no matter how many chances they’ve blown.  After all, don’t we get a new chance with every new day from the Lord?  I know I mess up in some way or form every. single. day.  But He always gives me another chance, always still cares,  and always forgives.

I hope you enjoy it if you have some time to watch,

Every day with the things people do, say and accuse, doing the bidding of the evil one… the more I mess up and still do things I don’t want to do and are wrong…  I just so much more look forward to Home and singing…

I hope everyone has a blessed and beauty Saturday.  It’s an open porch.  I’m off the soap box now- it’s y’alls turn now 🙂

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