Sunday Porch

Happy Sunday all!  I hope everyone has their chores done, or has time to set them aside, and join us for our virtual fellowship 🙂  I really enjoy Sundays doing these, having folks post their church services, or other favorites we’ve found.  But Sundays are more than just enjoyable ‘listening’ and fellowship, and I find it amazing so often that messages we hear from around the continent are similar, or flow together even if the topics are different from church to church.   I also appreciate how each pastor compliments or enhances Sunday teaching more so than if we only attended our own church every Sunday.  I think this is one of the good things, very most likely not intended by the powers that be, of closing churches down during the plandemic.  Sound doctrine, sound teaching may be getting out there more than if churches weren’t ‘forced’ to find other ways to share the message with their own congregants,  and have found for a large part, more of an attendance than they may have imagined.

Like all of us, no pastor is perfect, and we don’t always find ourselves 100 percent in agreement with everything our own, or other pastors teach about, but it’s good to listen to multiple messages to get a fuller view of Scripture that we may not have had before these interesting times.  As I said, I have enjoyed listening to many messages on Sundays,  but I’ve been learning more as well.  And as much as I love my own church, and pastor/Bible teachers,  hopefully the more I learn from others as well, the more I can learn to apply things in my own life, and grow more in the Lord.

I listened to this yesterday, even though it was from Wednesday.  Since JD Farag’s church is in Hawaii, the time change makes it hard sometimes to catch these on the days they are ‘delivered’.  Most folks have if they’ve heard him speak, are used to his prophecy studies, but he’s a good teacher and pastor.

This was an excellent message as pastor JD talks about why it is that God allows us to go through trials and difficulties in our lives.  While we may think we’ve heard all the messages we can about hard times,  its always good to listen to ‘another one’. The more we hear and learn, the more we understand, and see that God has a much bigger ‘picture’ of what He’s doing than we do.   I love later in this message when he has a mock conversation with God about why… it’s so good. 🙂

And of course, lets have some Him centered music to get us started!

I hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

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