Wednesday Open Porch

As I was thinking about something to post for today’s porch, I was looking around my files and found some old photos I’d taken back at the old swamp place.  That feature photo is one of many I took of the moon and sky.  I love skies.  But the Psalm verse made me think of what an amazing God we have.   He’s indescribably bigger than we can ever imagine… looking at photos of just a regular night sky, or looking at photos of beyond the universe~ He created it all.  And yet, He still works in our lives as if we mattered.  But we do matter to Him.

The God who put this earth in the Milky Way… eases my daily anxiety when I pray to Him and ask Him to please ease it.  The same God who placed the moon the perfect distance from our planet, to guide the oceans tides,  hears my prayers,  and the same God who spoke the world into existence, put on flesh to dwell with us, to bring the world into a right relationship with the Father by taking the punishment of death in our place.

No matter how much I mess up every day, He loves me still.  He loves you too.

Every day He takes our burdens, pains, griefs and tears, and replaces them with peace and comfort.   He really is just… indescribable.  And indescribable makes me think of this…

It’s a Wednesday open Porch y’all.  Post what’s ever on your heart, share what you feel like sharing, and I hope everyone has a blessed, safe and wonderful day!

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