Sunday on the Porch!

Well howdy and happy Sunday y’all.  This might be the craziest year ever, and it’d be nice to have a do over if that was possible, but at least it’s going by fast.  I can’t believe its the end of July already.  While time seems to fly, and things are going insane, it’s such a great reminder that God is in charge and nothing ever catches Him off guard or by surprise.

It’s Sunday, and y’all know that means great messages, important lessons if we’ve got our ears open, and hopefully we can understand what God would have us to learn.  If your church is online and sharable, please share today’s message with us.  I know a lot of us love being able to spend Sundays here as a body of Christ,  in fellowship and learning, and it’s always good to hear great preaching.

But before we get to it, let’s get our hearts and mind right with some Him Songs!  These are a few ‘new’ discoveries although the groups have been around for a few years.  But I am enjoying the solid biblical lyrics,  and Christ centered worship of these folks…

I know those two songs are probably new to most folks, I know they are to me, but I really enjoyed and appreciated them. But this song is familiar to a lot of us I’m sure, performed by Norton Hall. They are a worship band of the Department of Biblical Worship, a division of the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope folks enjoy this too

Thank You Lord for letting us make use of what the world might use to shut down churches, by gathering from all across the continent to encourage, listen and worship You in fellowship as a body of believers in Your precious Son.

Have a blessed day all!!

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