Saturday’s Porch

Earlier this week, Puddintain posted one of Matthew West’s songs,

I don’t hear the song very often, but as usual with anything by Matthew, I love this one, and appreciate the honesty of the lyrics. Truth be told….

I appreciate the story behind it as well.

It’s interesting, at our church, both during Sunday sermons and Wednesday nights, we’ve talked about why Christians put on the happy face every week and always reply with a positive when asked how we’re doing, when truth be told, we’re a mess.

Truth be told,  I spent years holding stuff in.  And the past 10 or so years it was getting harder to do that even though I tried.  The past 5 years it seems like I can’t hold anything in, even when I should.

Truth be told, in the past few years even with things getting harder and harder, it’s easy to slip into depression- and I have to admit the past few months have been what I call my season of Ecclesiastes.  I know Solomon probably meant it as, (well maybe he did- I’ve never really done a study on this book- maybe that would be an idea down the road.  But a lot of it seems to have an attitude of what’s the use? Everything is vanity, and everything just seems pointless.)  And as I grow in my walk with the Lord, I know there are plenty of things which I don’t like, seems purposeless, things I don’t understand, but I do know that there’s got to be a reason for it all.  And while that might be escaping me still,  I’ve found one way to deal with it is to focus on others.  No, it doesn’t take away any depression, lousy circumstances and yucky days, but it gets one’s focus off of  one’s self.

Truth be told, it’s been a lousy year, on top of a bunch of lousy years- but that’s a part of life, and it’s been tough all over for everyone.  So… one of the things for today’s open porch, I want to know the truth.  How goes it with all of you?  Be honest.  And what can we pray for, for you?   If you can’t think of anything right now,  that’s ok- but please think on it and let us know later.

Well, that’s it for me for now, but this is Saturday, and the porch is wide open.  Anything folks feel like sharing, favorite songs, a you tube movie you’ve watched, stories, and whatever’s on your mind.  I hope folks have a beautiful day!

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