Mid Week Open Porch

Happy Wednesday!  Well, thanks to folks last night, I found myself down a rabbit hole and through a ton of tunnels watching videos past my bed time.

And now I’m hungry.  We haven’t done a food open for quite a while, so since I made myself hungry watching these and more, you guys need to be hungry too.

This one has nothing but sammich type food, which a lot of it looks sooo yummy.  I have had some of the first kinds shown before- or at least similar, and I have to say they are delicious!

Definitely worth trying a few of these, or with whatever ingredients we have around the house.

For cool treats, some of these next recipes look fancy, some look amazing, and all look yummy. Some of the later things have alcohol in them, but substitute with 7-up, ginger ale or sprite, they’d be really good.  Since we’re coming into the middle of August (already!) it’s time for a cool down…

Well, that’s it from my end.  Now it’s open for whatever folks feel like posting.  But food stuff would be welcome too 🙂

Have a blessed day all!  😀

ooh, almost forgot some tunes to go with our lunch.. dinner…snacks…..

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