Saturday’s Porch

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.
C.S. Lewis

Today’s porch is an open porch, but also for today, it is inspired by the Psalms.   I have really been getting a lot out of Heather’s Monday Psalms commentaries, it’s been and hopefully will continue to be a great way to start our weeks.  It took a long time of reading the Bible to really ‘get into’ the Psalms for me.  I didn’t really understand them or get any real ‘inspiration’ from them until a few years ago when I understood more about the moods and situations not only David went through, but other Psalmists as well.  Life is hard, and it’s hard to see one’s own sins so close. And, it’s hard sometimes to praise God when we’re in the midst of trials or valleys.

One of the things I love about the Psalms is the honesty in the complaints, lamentations and emotions.  It reminds us that God doesn’t mind us ‘complaining’ in our honesty, but the thing that separates a believers complaints from the world’s complaints is our ability (as we grow in faith) to see God’s love and friendship through our circumstances, that He is always there, and shepherding us even when it hurts.

Tim Keller is a name I’ve been hearing for about a year now from various sources.  My pastor has quoted him a few times on Sunday mornings, and I believe either CDS’s pastor or Pastor Mark from New Hope has quoted him on occasion as well.  But the first time I’d heard of him was when the morning’ DJ’s on my Christian station were playing a sermon clip from him.  My ears perked up and I thought, man, that’s good, and wisdom right there!  Unfortunately I can’t remember now what it was about….

Anyway, Tim Keller is a Presbyterian pastor from New York City, an author and apologist.  I’ve been listening to quite a few things from him lately as his ‘sermons’ have popped into my side bar. I say quote sermons because they are more teaching than sermons- and you guys love how much I love teaching preachers! 🙂   I mentioned him a couple of months ago also here at the Heartbeat because he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  So listening to some of his messages on going through tough times has been really a poignant blessing as he knows of what he teaches on that subject.

I came across this one last week.  It’s not very long, and from last month.  It’s on the subject of discovering how to pray using the Psalms.  What I love about this is the winding path he takes, to help people understand first the God we’re praying to, and the psalmists lessons we can learn from.  I hope folks will have a listen, and enjoy it 🙂

Speaking of Psalms, I love them in song form as well 🙂

This should be a playlist, so if you like it and keep it playing, there should be a few more Psalm songs after.

But that’s it from this end of the porch.  Now how about y’all?  What’chya got to share today?  Whatever it is, and whatever you’re up to, I hope you all have a blessed day!

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