Mid Week Open Porch

Happy Wednesday all.

I don’t have a whole lot to share on today’s open porch, but I do have a little bit on my mind about all the stuff going on.  Last week I told lawngren I don’t really want to write or post anything ‘racial’, highlighting any particular people, and I still don’t intend to do that here.  But earlier Tuesday, I happened to see a part of a clip, of the mother of Jacob Blake during the update of his condition. You probably heard of his being shot numerous times by Kenosha, Wisconsin police this past weekend.  No matter the causes and effects of these shootings, there’s a deeper problem in our country that doesn’t revolve around skin, and that’s sin.  It’s sin that causes people to hate, whether the object of hate is the shade of one’s skin, or that causes any crime (why I despise the special federal term of ‘hate crime’ because all crime is hate). And it’s sin causing the hate which causes riots, looting, destruction and all out lawlessness we’ve been seeing.  It’s also sin which causes truth of the destructive acts of these so called peaceful protesters to be ignored and coddled by media and politics all for a narrative.

I don’t know what the solution is other than Jesus.  But I do know that the amount of destruction,  hate and anarchy in the name of BLM or any other social justice cause is not going to solve the racial divide that media, marxists and politicians (but I repeat myself…) have fanned the flames of once again.

I told myself I was going to touch on this and keep it short, and I will now, by posting that clip I listened to earlier.  Keeping in mind that no matter what the reasons whether he was in the wrong or the cops were,  this mother’s son is lying in a hospital bed, and it’s her son.  Her boy.  But what she says, needs to be heard by every demonstrator, rioter, politician and media talking head.  And it sure needs to be heard by citizens of this country…

I’ve cropped it to begin with her speech at the 8:30 second mark, but her part only lasts for about 5 minutes.

I completely feel for this woman as a mom, and as a Christian, but mostly because she’s human, and so am I.  So is her son, and so are the cops.  People need to stop and think of fellow humans.  We’re not perfect. Not a single one of us. But Jesus died for her, for him, for the cops, for George Floyd, for the cop, and for all the other people who’ve been hurt, murdered, and who’ve seen their lives destroyed by hate on all sides.

Only Jesus can make things right.

I heard this song on my way home from work yesterday.  I’ve heard it lots of times, but something about the lyrics just kind of got to me this time.  It sure is a encouraging song on a personal level, but it also applies to our time now.  It don’t matter where you come from… we can get through this with Him.

OK that’s it from this end of the porch.  I hope folks can find some positive stories to share, because our world needs to be reminded that good things still happen.  Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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