Saturday on the Porch

Finally September… finally?  As if this insane year hasn’t flown by quick enough?  Yeah, it has, but that’s the funny thing about time.  As fast as it goes when looking behind, it seems to usually slow down when you’re in the middle of it.  At least it sometimes seems that way for me.  For instance, September usually means soon a relief from hot and humid days and nights, finally cooler evenings and mornings, and even looking forward to digging out my flannels.  It’s still hot (heat index is still 93 as I type this at 11 pm Friday night). Still feels like summer, but the prospect of cooler weather is a closer reality in September.

I still remember labor day weekend when I was a kid.  It held a mix of emotions for me, as the summer vacation that started back in June looked like it’d stretch on forever was quickly coming to an end and it meant back to school again.  I didn’t mind school so much when I was little though. First day walking to school, was when I noticed that all of a sudden, leaves on the trees were changing colors. Funny how that seemed to happen over night.  And I actually needed that sweater my mom made me wear in the morning. Because the temperature cooled down over night too.

Birch’s golden against the white paper like bark was always a favorite, along with the reds, then purples of maple trees.  We had a lot more varieties of trees back home in Canada it seems than here, and our ‘fall’ for the oaks down here happen in early March. At least that’s when we have to rake up all the brown dried leaves. We don’t get the fall colors here, and that’s one of the things I’ve always missed about the north.

Anyway, what is it about me, or just getting older that I seem to remember more ‘back then’ than I can remember what I had for dinner 2 nights ago lol.

I don’t feel like looking back though, I’d rather look forward… to flannels, having energy enough from a bit of cooler weather to be able to weed and trim, and maybe try for a late fall veggie garden if the weather, seeds and soil cooperate.  Although fall brings memories too, and too much busyness, so I don’t want to look too far forward, so for now, I’ll focus on today.

It is Saturday after all! And I hope no matter what folks have going on today, you’ll come by, say howdy, share some memories, or favorite songs or whatever’s on your minds to share.

Have a blessed and beauty day all!

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