Sunday’s Porch

Happy Sunday all!   I have a feeling there’s going to be some good messages today, so let’s open up our fellowship with some Him songs and praise!  It’s amazing to think about the fact that the Gospel message has gone from those 12 disciples in Israel who obeyed the Commission…

and spread throughout the world with millions believing on the Lord Jesus as Savior and King.

That we worship in our own churches and with our circle of friends in fellowship while others in far off countries are assembling together in different tongues but the same ‘language’….

How Great is Our God that the whole world can know Him!

And that some day,  every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Jesus Messiah!  Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Creator, Redeemer, Blessed Savior!

Thank You Lord for this family of believers here, and our brothers and sisters around the world! Thank You that You have drawn us all and adopted us into Your family.

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday all, and please share your church service with us if it’s available.

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