Thursday Open

Yay! Its Thursday. The day before Friday 🙂   And, it’s an open porch all day. Can’t get much better than that.

Post whatever’s on your mind, whatever you feel like sharing.  Speaking of sharing, I’m going to share this Ravi classic, it’s 2 parts, but not too long.   I sure do miss him. I was thinking last night as I was re listening to these, that God took him home at just the right time (if  he had to go).  Passing into his life with the Lord, at a time before riots and covid and all the insanity going on now, at least he was able to have all his family and friends surrounding him with love.  And those special folks were able to have such a beautiful and full memorial for him too- without masks and social distance.  But I sure do miss him. Grateful for years of his life’s work, his calling… on you tube and RZIM.

Speaking of callings, I still haven’t figured out mine yet, but hopefully I will before I’m too old to do anything meaningful.  Here’s part one. Hopefully it will start from the beginning. I seem to be stuck part way through from when I watched it last time…

part 2

OK now it’s y’alls turn.  Have a blessed day all!

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