Saturday on the Porch

Well howdy and Happy Saturday y’all!

You all know how I love music, and pretty near every kind too.  Yesterday at work, we listened to our local Christian station for most of the morning, then in the afternoon I switched it over to big band for something different.  Nothing like putting a 4 foot by 4 foot sign together while listening to some Glenn Miller.

Anyway, following the butterfly pattern of my brain right now,  makes me think of conversation with Puddintain last night.  I imagine a lot of folks were remembering a lot of things yesterday, as days of solemn reminders do tend to make us reflect not only on the events, tragedies and attacks which happen, but also personal remembrances too.  And then there was the news from Tex, that he lost his beloved Grampa yesterday too.  Reading that news, and talking with Puddin’ last night made me think of a few folks I miss, and while I miss them, I appreciate so many good memories of them.

While not all memories are good, it’s getting easier to remember the better ones.  Music has a way of conjuring up memories, so I did have memories of my folks when I was listening to the music yesterday at work.  And looking for something to just kind of relax to last night, I found something…. which made me think of Michael.  He loved blue grass, and he played the harmonica often.  He was pretty good at it too. I’ve got all of his old harmonicas, but somehow just haven’t felt much like digging them out.  But maybe I will one of these days soon, and see if I still have a knack for it.

This is what I found though, and I thought it was perfect for a Saturday because it’s about an hour long- and perfect for just listening in the background while folks hang out here, or read other stuff on the net, or, like me, get chores done 🙂

Whatever you do, you’ll find your toes tapping if you listen!

It’s funny, no matter how much I love a style of music, usually I need a variety and can’t listen to more than about a half hour of any one artist, or genre without switching to something else, but this, I listened to all of it as I worked on other things, and I’m gonna listen again today.

I hope folks enjoy it as much as I did. And whatever you find yourselves up to today, I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday!

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