Sunday’s Porch

Yesterday on the porch we saw a few videos which showed us how spectacular our God is in His creativity.  Those of us who see the things around us, in so many shapes, amazing colors, patterns, textures, and the incredible way things adapt and work, it leaves us amazed at His workmanship.

But then there’s us. There are so many people in this world who are either uncomfortable in their own skin,  don’t like certain things about themselves, or suffer from anything from depression, low self esteem or just believing they are unlovable or worthless. I”m sure most of us have had plenty of times where we experienced at least a few of those feelings.  I know I have and still do.  So as Christians, how do we get such an feeling of awe when we look at the rest of God’s creation, but are so critical when it comes to we who were created in His image,  something He declared “Good”?  We who are fearfully and wonderfully made,  should marvel at the variety and uniqueness of each other just as we do with the rest of creation.

We understand that it’s the sin thing that keeps us from recognizing us also as His amazing handiwork, sin that takes so many different forms, and an enemy who loves to remind us and convict us, sometimes even convince of our own unworthiness…

It’s hard to remember to listen to the One who made us instead.  It’s hard  sometimes to believe while we’re all a mess, all have sin and all need saving- that God loves us so much that He died to save us.

Something Puddintain (again) said last night made me think (along with some of those videos Lawngren posted last night) and just so much on my mind.  Consider again the words of David in the Psalms… what is man that you are mindful of him?

How much does God love each and every one of us, all sinners?

We  know that Christ died for us, as we were still sinners, even as enemies of the Most Holy God.  Jesus volunteered to go through a torturous, humiliating and horrific death even knowing our sins, knowing everything about us, so that we could be made whole, and again be in a right relationship with the God we are in awe over.

As if that isn’t enough!  But consider what Puddintain said “Everything you taste and hear and see…I did for you!“.  God didn’t just make things the way He did for His own pleasure, although He did, but for ours too.  He could have created a way for us to live on some boring, ugly hunk of rock, could have created us to exist on nothing but… the unmentionable A word, and have a nose that could only smell a smell of rotten eggs.  He could have created us all the same, looks, personalities, opinions… but He created Man in His image, and placed Him in a perfect and beautiful garden teaming with everything pleasing, everything beautiful, whimsical like the peacock,  humorous like the platypus,  majestic like the tiger and lion. Cute like bunnies, puppies and kittens.

So what then did God do? He created a mate for man, so he wouldn’t be alone.  Someone to give companionship, love,  and affection to, and to receive it.  And God called it Good.  And He walked with them, talked with them, and even after they rebelled against Him, He loved them enough to provide a sacrifice and used the skins to dress them in.

He could have just scrubbed everything right then and there, and He could have done the same in Noah’s day and just said “Forget it!”  He could have said “they’re not worth it” when it came time for Jesus to offer Himself.  But He didn’t.  Because He loves us that much.

There are times when we don’t think we’re worth it,  or times that we think others are hopeless causes. But for those of us who know the beauty and perfection of His creation, we don’t give up on ourselves, or others.   I don’t like myself very often, and have had a problem with that and other issues for as long as I can remember.  I can act like a jerk, selfish, say thoughtless things and just be a miserable person sometimes.  As all of us can be.  But I also know without a doubt that God made me, and while a life’s worth of sin in me, and in spite of the things I’ve done,  I know without a doubt that He loves me enough to keep working in and on me.  Sometimes… a lot of times, I can’t understand the depth of His love, but I am grateful for it.

Puddintain said it so right when he said, it’s absolutely incredible.  The God who created everything says,  “Walk with me and I will show you My everything. I did this for you.I love you and I cherish you and I want to be your best friend.”

He made everything, He made You. Everything He has done He did for You. He Loves You! And one last thing.  If you’re broken, that’s when God can use you the most, and build something absolutely beautiful. Don’t ever let the enemy convince you otherwise.

As this is an open porch, please post your church sermon if it’s available, so we can have some time to worship, learn and lean on Him. Have a blessed Sunday all.

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