Saturday on the Porch

I can honestly say, I am so glad it’s Saturday.  Yes, I have a pile of chores waiting on me to get started on, and not sure when I will get a chance to start on them, but at least I’m home and have chores.

Sometimes things go on and pile on so much, it’s a blessing to have a day of mundane things.  And hopefully as I write this (late Friday night) things will look and be better Saturday than they were Friday.  Hopefully they will be… mundane. Boring. Choresey.

I know I have a beast and a heap to get taken care of, so first things first, but as I was reminded of during a trying 4 hours broke down at the side of the country road Friday after work- sometimes things get so ‘in your face’ with the absurdity of “really?!” you can’t help but just remember that while our brains run out of solutions, God’s never does.

Sitting there with no way of knowing when and if the road side assistance (thank You Lord for my bosses having that on the phone plan which they have added me onto) was able to find a tow truck to find and bring us home or not, no way of knowing how we’d hike the 7 or so miles home if we had to, after being on my feet from 7 that morning or not, whether we’d have someone crash into us even though we were well off the shoulder, it’s a busy highway and gets dark earlier… then remembering I have a phone charger in my purse, with that spark of hope for a dead phone, but then remembering my cord is at home so I can plug it in when I get home from work every day…. it was just one of those times, more often had, when I just have to say, “God, this is all yours. Obviously one car with a flat at home, and this car broken down, no way to call or find out if help is coming- this is all Yours Lord. I don’t have a clue of what to do, and I’m tired of trying.”

This is an open porch, but if I was going to settle for a real ‘Title” I’d have called it, “Angels come in Tattoos and Blues”.

No, we didn’t have miracles, but I know God, even in the most frustrating or trying times, hears prayers and finds ways of making things work, even if it’s not the way we want them to work, or if they don’t seem ok.  He also has ways of reminding us that in this country, when folks are so quick to judge and oppose, hate and find fault in, there are folks who are ordinary, and so helpful.  Even if it’s just added prayers, or checking to see “Are you ok?”   From an older man just checking the engine to see if there was more than an overheated radiator, to a Hispanic man short on English, but long on stopping to check on us, to the Cop who had seen us broken down the first time, and intended to help but had an urgent call, but then stopped when we broke down the second time- to the young man from the east coast who had a whole state’s drive ahead of him on a Friday night, but stayed behind us with his flashers on so people would see us, and then stayed until help came… to the Angels in camo shorts, green tank top and tattoos who took us home.  I am so very overwhelmed with gratitude even in the middle of the worst days I’ve had in a few months.

If I’ve learned a couple of things over the past (coming up to 6 years on November 22), its that no matter how hard things are, God is always there.  No matter if things get better or worse, God is always in control. No matter if it’s out loud answered prayers or seeming silence and nothing, God always hears and answers in His way- which is always ALWAYS the best for us.

No, the tow truck never came.  No, the car’s never miraculously got fixed instantly, and I have no idea if the heap is fixable or not.  And No, we didn’t get to just get home at a little bit of an inconvenient hour or so late, but 4 hours late, with 4 hours old dinner in the back seat, tired, drained and testy…  But God.

That’s a thing from JD Farag a few weeks ago. But God.  He is. And always will be.  Fill in the blank, and leave your comments below- He is so good all the time, and all the time He is so good.  God is in control, God watches over us and is with us, even in the darkest times.  God calls some we love home, and we may not understand the why’s but He does. And He loves them more than we ever could, no matter how much we do.  God doesn’t always make things smooth when things go wrong. Sometimes they go more wrong.  But God.  Still. IS.

Thank You Lord.  I marvel at the peace you give me even when I’m tired, frustrated, full of anxiety, broken, hurt, confused, and severely outside my comfort zone.   In You whom I trust. There is no other. You provide in so many ways, so many of them ordinary. So many of them blessings.  Whether they are folks here, friends, siblings in Christ, or angels in tattoos.

Whatever this day throws, or whatever mundane we have going on, I hope folks will stop in with a song, a thought, a needed prayer request, or just to share whatever’s on your heart.  And whatever kind of day- I hope you see all the blessings through it.

Have a beauty Saturday all!

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