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Happy Blessed Sunday all.   I know some days don’t feel very blessed, but I am more and more convinced that no matter how bad things can be, there are blessings still there if you look for them.   Sometimes they might be obvious, when you know others are praying for you, during times of stress, illness, grieving and just life piling on.  But other times it might be more of a realization, a thought of something that is a bad situation, but it could have been worse ‘if’.

While it’s still hard, it is easier as life goes on, to give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  Also hard, but doable, I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Things we all face, battles, trials, and testing is hard, no matter who we are.  I spend a lot of time here it seems, telling about some of the things going on in my life because I hope that others find encouragement that they’re not alone, no matter what situation they are going through.  Each one of us has something we have to deal with daily.  And sometimes its easier to dwell in the midst of things, despairing, keeping hold of the hurt, or depression or whatever it may be.  And it’s hard sometimes to know how to approach God with all of it.  If we even try to- sometimes we can be stubborn and want to deal with it all on our own.  We need to find solutions, we need to ‘deal with it’, we need to control things even when they’re piling on.

I battle anxiety now pretty much every day, and my comfort zone has been nowhere to be found for years, but as I face every day, wondering “what’s gonna happen today” or even just joining in that familiar ‘rat race’ which we’ve all found ourselves in.  I’ve come to so many points in my life where I know I have no solution, no answer, no way to fix it, no control and I no longer believe I can ‘deal’ with it on my own.   No matter where each of us are in life, for some, life might be full and going well, not too much to stress about. Others, might be doing ok, but even something like a kidney stone like Heather’s suffering from right now can throw a wrench and mess things up. It sure can’t be pleasant to deal with.  I know some are grieving, others have family who are facing major illnesses and others dealing with serious issues… so how in the world can God expect us to give thanks or find contentment in those things?

Dependence. Upon Him. I know that’s a real hard thing to even think about doing for some of us who have been used to taking care of ourselves, or have taken pride in being in control.  But one of the hardest things, giving control to a God we can’t physically see, can be one of the most faithful ways of glorifying Him. By trusting enough in the One who created us, to handle our lives, and take control when things are piling up.  Giving it all to Him, is a blessing, a freeing kind of contentment, that no matter what happens, He knows what’s going on, and will be with us through whatever valley of the shadow of death we find ourselves in.  Faith, obedience and trust.  Hard for us stubborn humans to do, but if we need rest from anxiety, comfort and peace in our grieving, stillness in our illness, and less worrying in our financial struggles,  that’s what we need to do. Turn it over to Him every day.

I pray every day not to be anxious. He tells us not to be anxious and afraid, but He also knows we will be- so when we pray He hears and calms us. He knows and holds every tear of grief and pain, every heart ache and break.  He is our Abba, Father (literally ‘Daddy’_ and He wants us to come, as a child comes to their father, to hold us, comfort us and protect us.

I think we need to remind ourselves that He who created us would find ways of helping us through the things He knows from experience that we’re going through.  We need to remind ourselves that we can depend on Him for anything, and that He is our peace through all life’s struggles, storms and trials.

Back to the basics of Him Music…

Lynda Randle, a song I recently “discovered”… listening to the lyrics is a must,

And one more.  I’ve posted this song many times over the years. I first heard it on the local Christian station I listened to years ago at the swamp. I’d never heard it before, and had to call up the station to find out who sang it. It’s been a powerful reminder to me all these years, and an incredible comfort when I’ve really needed it. If you’ve not listened before, please listen to the lyrics and take them as they are- His Promise,

Whatever your Sunday is today, I hope you find peace and blessings in it!  Please share your church sermons here if they are sharable, and just know,whether you’re on the mountain top, somewhere on the hillside,  or in the valley…. But God. And He’s got this.

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