Saturday on the Porch

We’ve focused a lot on music on this porch over the past few years.  There’s something about music that can create a mood,  change our emotions, break or heal our hearts, lift our spirits, let us soar and recall so much from our pasts.  Music can stir our memories, make us laugh, cry or cause us to long for something or somewhere where we can’t quite know yet.

Michael had a couple of cool wind up music… not sure what to call them. Not boxes or toys. One is like a snow globe, only it’s got fish in it and it’s base is a bunch of waves and a light house. It plays Ebb Tide

The other ‘thing’ is a West Virginia mill with a wind up water wheel, made out of tin. It’s really cool. And of course it plays,

He got them from one of his Aunts for a couple Christmas’s.  When AB was little, I used to wind up the water wheel and let it play. He’d get this look on his face, and tears would just flow. He didn’t cry out loud or anything, but even when he got a little older (still a toddler) he would just be so effected by it… like he was home sick for a place he knew once (Heaven?)  It always made me wonder.

You all know how much I love music. Everything from Big Band Jazz,  Bluegrass, some of the older type stuff my parents used to listen to, country, classical, rock, Christian…   depending on my mood, I can be found listening to different genres music most of every day. It helps that my bosses like a variety at work too. Sometimes anything from Dean Martin or Old Blue Eyes, to old Christian stuff like Petra or Keith Green.

The point is, music has, since the earliest Bible times, been a form of communication whether in celebration, holy observance, during times of grieving.  With the emergence of composers such as Bach, Mozart and Handel, symphonies, concertos and orchestras were something that many people could go and enjoy.  Ballets, Jazz and Blues clubs, barn dances and hoedowns were followed by rock concerts and music festivals.  Every generation has music that they remember most, and personal favorites that they cherish.

I came across a post on a friend’s facebook page last night. I posted it here last night but I think most folks had already packed it in.  But it moved me in a way that made me think of not only my own loved ones who’ve had Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but others who have a parent or grandparent, aunt or uncle or someone they know who suffers the same.  Anyone who knows, knows it’s so incredibly hard to see someone once so lively and full of spirit, not know, not remember, and seem to be locked in their own minds, with a dimming light if any, left in their eyes.

These videos are a few years old, but I’ve never seen any of them- but they don’t surprise me. It doesn’t surprise me that music can help some of these precious folks to remember, or at least remember enough of joy that comes from lyrics or a melody…  A dance, a love, a life….

Music can bring a loved one ‘back’ even if for a few minutes of recognition, which is an incredible blessing, and while most of us don’t like looking back~ sometimes there is so much goodness back there…

And the joy of an old retired Service Member  is just so incredibly heart warming.  It’s not every day or just anyone who gets to have an Army band concert in their front yard 🙂

Music. There’s just something about it.  I think today’s porch ought to be a musical one.  Fill it up folks, with Music of our lives to share here.

One of my first Big Band favorites… brings back memories of my Mom and Dad dancing together. Man they were sooooo good….

Have a beautiful and blessed Saturday! The porch is open!

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