Sunday’s Porch

As I sat here wondering what to write for today’s Sunday porch, my mind, as usual was all over the place.  Emotions too kind of.  Even though I don’t involve myself too much in political things anymore, I still keep up with what’s going on.  More and more, the things I see which seems to be either ignored or propped up just make me angry, sad and at a loss for knowing how to pray for people.  All I can think of is Saul before he met Jesus on that road, and how many people believe they are doing what’s right but are completely ignorant of the truth.  Many have been led, taught (indoctrinated) and conditioned for so long, and Christians in America have not been blameless when it comes to the ignorance of the Gospel message or Biblical illiteracy.

But I’m getting off track of what’s on my mind.  I look at the headlines, read some of the stories, and I see 2 Timothy 3 loud and clear.  I don’t know how things are going to go with our government in the next month or so. It doesn’t look good, but I know God is in control of all it. He’s got His plans all worked out, so whatever happens won’t catch Him off guard.  But whatever happens will have consequences and ramifications, not just in our country, but also around the world,  no matter who is ultimately elected.

It seems that my old standby Psalm 37 is being refreshed in my mind again lately.

Which made me think that no matter how dark, trying and downright uncertain things are, and no matter how so many of these kinds of verses are coming to mind, like we’ve been reading in Isaiah, God is with us through the trials, chastisements, discipline, dark times… but He is with us through the blessings too.  And while there are many warnings to us through scripture for the times we’re seeing, and will get worse as the time goes on- There is So much goodness too.  And He is with us always, even to the end, and through it.

Church is a place for the body of Christ to fellowship,worship, and learn to disciple others.  But the world is to be our mission field, and it’s up to all of us to be working in the fields.

The more I see in this world, the more I’m reminded this is not my home.  But I am also reminded that God isn’t finished yet. There are still people who need to hear His precious message of redemption and forgiveness.

If anyone visiting us here hasn’t heard the message of Jesus,  or you aren’t sure just Who He is, you can begin an incredible journey here.  If you wonder why you need Jesus, you can also discover that here.

Today is our Open Sunday Porch. Feel free to share your church service with us, if it’s available!  Have a beautiful and blessed day all!

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