RED Friday Round Up

11-17: The biggest disaster relief organization in the world is at it again … and again… the US Military to the rescue: after 10 days of disaster relief due to Hurricane Eta, Joint Task Force Bravo returned to base for a little rest before returning to action to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Iota.

The rain has allowed us the ability to rest crews who have gone really hard over the last 10 days. It’s been really taxing both physically and mentally,” Army Lt. Col. Adam Bock, commander of the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment, told Military Times. “As soon as the weather clears, we’re ready to go.”

Ben Shapiro hypes Ring for home security. This is not verified, but if true is a real joy: These children learned that they can leave messages using their Ring doorbell for their father to check, who is deployed overseas.” — Travis Akers (@travisakers)

11-15: Three Vietnam comrades in arms reunited more than 50 years after their combat tours – at the grave of one of the three. Vietnam veterans Steve Brown, 71, and Denny Schoville, 75, met for the second time since they were together on a mission in the Mekong Delta in OH-6A Cayuse helicopters flown by Schoville and Lt. Bobby Baker on the same mission on Nov. 11, 1969. Schoville’s helicopter was shot down, and all three men took rounds to the head but survived.

Bobby Baker, a surfer at Imperial Beach, was drafted, but re-upped and was killed in action on January 2, 1972. “ ‘He was unpretentious,’ [Brown] said. ‘He was an officer and I was a private, but we didn’t talk to each other like that — we just talked to each other like buddies.’ “

Schoville credited Baker with saving his life on that Mekong Delta mission. After his chopper crashed in a rice paddy, Baker, with Brown on the door gun, provided covering fire for Schoville to escape.

We’re here because we want him to be remembered,” Schoville said. “Since his family’s not in this area, we’re going to keep coming back, to make sure he’s not forgotten.”

11-14: Vets helping vets:  “Dr. Charles Robert ‘Bob’ Gillam, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, flew Black Hawk helicopters in the first Persian Gulf War …” Gillam held the rank of major while he served in Vietnam, and wears that rank on his division ball cap. A brief summary of his active and reserve duty is listed there, along with that of his father, who also held the rank of lieutenant colonel.

There are several veterans who think his job now is pretty important, too: Gillam is a dentist who “… performed $11,396 worth of work on three veterans … Gillam has always offered veterans a 10% discount on dental work and performed work on World War II veterans for free … He credits his wife, Patricia Gillam, who now works in the office, with organizing this year’s Veterans Day outreach…” Ms. Gillam is a credit to her own heritage: her late father was Col. Charles Shelby Wingate.

Good news for “military brats” this Christmas: in spite of covid, NORAD will still be tracking Santa on Christmas Eve! Every year for 65 years, on December 24th, for 20 hours, NORAD volunteers have “tracked” Santa’s progress around the globe and “reported” it to kids who call the hotline.

This joyful tradition began in 1955, “when Air Force Col. Harry Shoup — the commander on duty at NORAD’s predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command — fielded a call from a child who dialed a misprinted telephone number in a newspaper department store ad, thinking she was calling Santa … A fast-thinking Shoup quickly assured his caller that he was. And the tradition began.”

Unfortunately, covid restrictions have reduced the number of volunteers allowed at the NORAD call center from about 1500 to about ten per shift over the 20-hour “Santa Tracking”. Those who can’t get through to a live person will get a recording with Santa’s latest location.

We all wish all military news could be that fun and funny (except for the covid part). Unfortunately, reality intrudes. At the top right corner of this link is a brief video of the return of five US troops killed in the crash of a Blackhawk helicopter near Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Their bodies were returned to Dover AFB in Delaware.

The VA is still jerking vets around on treatment for toxic exposure.

It is possible that if Biden becomes president, his son’s death from brain cancer may move him to help those vets with the obstinate, unreasonable, possibly malevolent VA “leadership“: Beau Biden “deployed with the Delaware Army National Guard to Balad Air Base, where the U.S. military burned an estimated 140 tons of waste a day in open-air burn pits.”
 “In a 2019 speech to the Service Employees International Union, Biden said because of Beau’s ‘exposure to burn pits, in my view, I can’t prove it yet, he came back with stage 4 glioblastoma. Eighteen months he lived, knowing he was going to die.’ “

May God grant that some good come from Beau Biden’s death.

There is an organization for those suffering from toxic exposure

So that America may never forget… The National Museum of the United States Army officially opened today [November 14th, 2020] at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is the first museum to tell the entire story of the Army, which has existed since June 14, 1775 — even before the existence of the United States itself … The Army ‘has been a force for profound good in our world,’ said Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller, who spoke at the museum’s opening event … ‘From the fields of Lexington [and] Concord to the hills of San Juan and from the cliffs of Normandy to the Korangal Valley, more than 30 million brave men and women have donned the Army uniform to fight for freedom at home and abroad,’ Miller said. ‘For more than 240 years, they made innumerable contributions to our nation and the world — not just in combat, but also in humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, international cooperation and other vital missions. Their feats are enshrined throughout this museum.’ “

The website is hereVisit there to get tickets to visit. One of the pages is “Soldiers’ Stories

The “about” tab is interesting and informative. Through a quirk of the website, I couldn’t copy all the exhibit titles, but believe me they are thorough.

May God be with our warriors this holiday season and always.


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