Sunday’s Porch

Six years and counting is a long time to be learning something.  Sometimes I used to think I’m just a slow learner, but the more I think about it now, I think it’s normal that life is pretty much a cosmic school day.

So, what do we learn in the school of life anyway?  Well, that all depends on the lessons we have.  Some of us invite the lessons through choices we make, and other lessons happen through circumstances beyond our control.  It also depends on how serious one is to learn the lessons through each ‘course’.  Sometimes people would rather life a life of recess, doing whatever they feel like, and if some hardship should invade their playground they might hide out in the school for a little while, then go out once the coast is clear and play some more. Some people will check out a lesson, study for a little while, then get out to the playground once all is well again.  They might even tell the others out there what they learned, but for most, they just forget the lesson and enjoy all the playground has to offer.

For some, the playground loses it’s charm, especially when while the lessons are hard, the love from our Teacher and others in the school become more special, even though some of those lessons are the hardest we’ve ever had to learn.

It’s not always easy to want to keep going through the school. Some days it’s hard just to get up out of bed and go.  The happy sounds from the playground are sometimes an awfully powerful draw, and the lessons sometimes get so wearisome, it’s hard not to want to go out and play for a while.  But the Teacher reminds us that while things look like fun, and not a whole lot of painful things happen out there, the playground is empty and temporary.  The lessons are hard, but so worth it on graduation day.   That like exercise the folks out on the playground seem to make them happy, healthy and wealthy, but it’s only temporary.  The lessons in school however will make us joy filled, wise and healthy, and those will last for eternity.

Out in the playground, things are taken for granted that the playing is always going to go on, that the folks out there are in control of their own play time.  Inside however, the lessons help us see more blessings we’d never have seen if we’d been still out on the playground.  We’d never learn that grief can be constant, but joy is still found in it.  That loneliness might be an acquaintance, but our Teacher and classmates are companions who love each other with a kind of love so rarely if ever found on the playground.  We learn with each hard lesson, whether we invited those lessons by our choices, or those that happened through circumstances that our Teacher loves us more than we can imagine, and how we are growing like Him in faith, hope and charity.   Through pain we learn incredible comfort and empathy.  Through heartbreaks we learn to really know and draw closer to our Teacher Who heals us.

Some of us are slow learners. We might be in the school for a time, then the lure of the playground draws us out and we forget all we’ve been taught.  Or at least figure we will get back to the school when we’ve enjoyed the playground for a while.  But blessed are those who see that while there can be good times on the playground, the best place to learn is in the school.

I entered the school 6 years ago today.  This is and always will be a hard time of year, and hard ‘anniversary’.  But my Teacher always finds ways I’d never have known to bless and comfort, and just hug on me.  School is very hard. The lessons hurt most times, but once learned, I’m grateful even for the causes because they helped me find my Teacher.  It’s His life, death and resurrection power that gives me the strength I need until graduation day.  He Is all we all ever need.

It’s Sunday again.  That means I hope folks will share their church services with us all if they’re available. If not, I hope folks will enjoy some of the regular services from our Heart Beat Family.

I heard this the other night, and it’s a timely one,so full of truth and even humor. I hope folks will take the 25 minutes or so and give a listen.

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday all.

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