Sunday’s Porch

Did you ever just have one of those days where everything goes wrong and nothing wants to work?  This isn’t going to be a lamentation post today, I just wanted to get that off my chest and see if my keyboard decided to work lol.

Hello and Happy Sunday all.  I guess for the time being this keyboard is working (yes we’re hard on them and I ought to buy stock for as much as I keep replacing them).  I don’t have a whole lot to talk about today, but I did watch this video last night with Frank Turek from CrossExamined.  If you’ve never heard of him, he’s a great apologist for Christ and has some great common sense much in the same way Ravi did, only with a little less gentleness and quiet if you know what I mean.  Not that Frank is mean, just direct.  Anyway, this isn’t quite an hour long, but he makes some very good points and mentions a few things I’d never noticed before in Scripture and just never would have considered.  If folks have time, I think you’ll enjoy this one.

As for the rest of this post,  too many times things go wrong, things break or don’t feel like working.  I don’t know about you but I still have too much me in me when I have days like that.  I hate thinking I keep failing the same things, disappointing the Lord with my ‘reactions’ which too often are the same.  I look forward to the day so much when we’ll finally be made complete, whole and none of the frustrations of this world to tempt us to unChrist like behavior.

I’m so grateful that God is gracious and good, and even when we’re behaving like brats, He’s still working in us.

It’s our open porch Sunday- please share your church services with us if available, and maybe folks will have time to watch some of them along with us. Have a beautiful day all!

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