Isaiah Overview

I called this an overview because I realize I’ve bitten off more than I can chew when considering doing a weekly study on Isaiah.  While I love this book of the Bible, and there is so much to this book that is so worth reading and studying- there is so much to this book that I can’t do much justice to it.   When we did the gospels earlier this year, each book was unique even though each touched on many of the same events.  Sometimes it was hard to go over similar ‘stories’ in a new and fresh way, even though they do bear repeating.

I’ve found that Isaiah is much like that, in that so many of the chapters are similar in theme, God’s warnings, God’s judgement, Judah’s and Israel’s consequences, and God’s blessings though the destruction and good times.  There are 66 chapters in this book and it would be hard for me to go through all of them.

So for the next few weeks I’m going to post a couple of videos which give us an overview of Isaiah, and then focus on Isaiah 53 & revisit chapter 9 for Christmas.

I apologize for not devoting so much time to this incredible book, but I do hope each of you will read and study it- it really is a fantastic book which we can draw many parallels between the behaviors, consequences, and God’s promises and blessings with our time.

I won’t stop doing studies all together, I would actually like to do a couple of the lesser prophets, shorter books that most folks don’t usually study, and we’ll begin with those in the new year (if God wills and we’re still here 🙂 )

So for today, here’s a overview of Chapter’s 1- 39- it’s less than 10 minutes, so I hope folks will take time to watch…

The composer of this 1787 hymn  is anonymous, but was based on Isaiah 43

Have a blessed day all!

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