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Happy Thursday all.  I don’t have an article today, so it will be an open porch.  However, Puddin’tain posted a video link late last night that I watched before bed- and it’s well worth the nearly 2 hours to watch it.   I know most folks don’t have 2 hours at a time, but I’d highly suggest watching what you can, then bookmark it to watch the rest later.  But if you’re like me, once you get into it you’ll want to watch to the end.

Keep in mind that this was done in 2017, and so much more has happened even just in the past 3 years which brings us that much closer to His coming.

I realize that even a lot of believers have varying ideas about end time prophecies, as many know they will be fulfilled- someday, but not necessarily in our lifetimes.  I have no set idea, no one does, but looking at events and knowing Scriptures, a lot of it does seem to be lining up exactly as it was foretold, and that it could be any time- right now, today, tomorrow, next year or 5, 10 years from now. Or, maybe in AB’s lifetime.  I don’t know- but the point is, for many older believers such as my mother in law told me “people have expected Jesus to come in their lifetime for generations, but we’re still here.”  While that’s true, many folks in her generation and before, didn’t have nearly the amount of prophecies fulfilled yet, namely Israel becoming a nation again.  The technology as well has grown exponentially since the first computers.  Socioeconomic, globalism, cultural morality and so many other things have become reality when back in their day, it was unheard of or scoffed at.

Lawngren wrote an interesting article yesterday.  While folks might not agree, there are other aspects to what he wrote about which shows the line from the first echoes of “communism” that crept into the country back in the 40s and 50s.  I’m sure folks are aware of the communist goals read before congress back in the 60s.  Those points detailed the communist desire to “takeover” the US.  I read and wrote about it years ago, but even back then, they hadn’t ‘fulfilled’ all of those points.  But guess what? In some aspects, each one has been implemented.  The last hold outs were the family and church. The family has been replaced over the past 10 years with everything from same sex “parents” to polyamory and polygamy,  single parenting and parents deciding to allow children to transgender.  And if folks don’t think the church has been going downhill in the west… I don’t know how to say it without offense, but one would have to be blind not to see.

So.  Could Jesus come back soon?  I still don’t know for sure, but I do know more Christians than I’ve ever noticed before, are sure hoping so.  And more people of all beliefs know that this world is on the edge of some sort of ‘reset’ or ‘convergence’ than ever before.

Well I guess I did have a bit of an article after all lol.  And it’s still an open porch 🙂

We don’t aim to depress, anger or frustrate folks with so much talk of prophecy, end times and all this other stuff that many think is fantasy, fanatical or an escape from reality.  It is real, and if Jesus didn’t want people to know the times, He’d not have talked about it- and the Bible wouldn’t be one fourth prophecy.  As we’ve seen from the Bible studies and other scripture verses here, God’s Word is full of judgement and blessing.  Things will get hard. This past year has shown us that, and while we all can’t wait for 2020 to be gone, the practical part of me has to wonder what 2021 is going to look like. But there is good news even through it all- whether Jesus comes today, next week or 10 years from now- He IS Coming again!  And there’s nothing depressing about that.

Have a beautiful day all!

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