First Bible Study of 2021

Thinking of the studies that I wanted to try and do this year, a few popped into my mind, mainly Ephesians, since that was one of the suggestions from many of you last year.  So, we’ll probably get to that book in the next study.  For this first one, I wanted a shorter book, and something New Testament this time, so….

Titus 🙂

Titus is only a few chapters, but it’s an important one. Actually like much of the New Testament, it’s a letter from Paul, to his trusted brother in Christ.  I like this letter because like much of the Bible, history repeats itself, and just like in the days of the early church, the Christians and leaders left little to be desired. They were a mess! Just like much of our current times. And that the Cretin culture and society was a mess, it was an indictment of the ineffective church.

What Paul desired for the people of Crete was to change hearts, thereby changing Cretin society.  Hmmm. Sounds like he was onto something there. Something that we could use now.  This is why I like this little book because it’s something we could definitely learn from for our time now.

For today, I’ll just post this overview of Titus, and next week we’ll get into the first of three chapters.

Have a blessed and beautiful day all!

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