The Trees, The Forest, and the Choices

Our military needs our prayer support more than ever before in American history. As of 06 Jan 2021, America’s leadership is not dedicated to the US Constitution and the rights and freedom of American citizens. The incoming “president” was clearly “elected” by the most massive vote fraud in America’s history. He and his VP are clearly NOT dedicated to the protection of the US Constitution or of Americans.

What does a patriotic American soldier do now? Continue serving the treasonous regime that has seized control? Attempt a coup d’etat? Leave the US military? Become a mercenary in another nation’s army which may be serious about defending freedom, if there is such a nation left?

What should American soldiers do if given orders to suppress American citizens? To take citizens prisoner? To disarm them? What if our military is ordered to continue fighting terrorism overseas, knowing 1) they can’t trust their new “president” not to betray them and 2) there is likely to be an anti-American campaign taking place here, staffed by the likes of antifa or UN [read: chinese and muslim] troops?

There is a complicating factor, in my opinion: I believe that America is beginning to experience the wrath of God for America’s sins. If that is so, those who resist the regime would be resisting God. Resist or submit, neither course is likely to have a happy ending. America’s population has changed. Many who are ABBO (Americans By Birth Only) are no more American than stalin was.

I won’t try to tell America’s warriors what they should do. I can only offer this for any warrior facing these soul-wrenching questions: to whom or what is your primary allegiance? The answer to that question should clarify things. Clarity is the best we can hope for now, soldiers and citizens alike. One word of warning: be very sure that you choose the right object of allegiance. This is the most important decision of your life. May the God of the Bible give you wisdom, insight, courage, and as far as possible, protection. May you be able to see the forest in spite of the trees.


Hurtgen Forest: the Death Factory

This is a 42-minute video documentary of the battles summarized below and called “The Hurtgen Forest” This video contains some actual footage from the fighting in Hurtgen.

In 1944, the First Army attacked German positions in the Hurtgen Forest to make it safer to attempt to control the massive Roer River dams and debauch into Germany. The First Army was massive, but its Commander, Lieutenant General Courtney H. Hodges, was the wrong general to command it. Capable enough during the pursuit across France, he now was worn by illness, fatigue, and his own shortcomings …”

Official Army histories and statements by unhappy subordinates reveal Hodges to be a man who isolated himself and didn’t want to hear any advice contrary to his own ideas and “uninterested” in logistics. Hodges believed in “straight on” and “smashing ahead”, precisely the wrong tactics for dealing with the Hurtgen Forest. “No consideration was given to bypassing or screening the forest or to outflanking Schmidt [the city Hurtgen defended] from the south … Senior officers in First Army would spend the rest of their lives trying to explain the tactical logic behind their Hürtgen battle plan.”

The German Wehrmacht had dug in back in 1938, carefully prepared interlocking kill zones fields and laid thousands of mines. The result was that when in late September the 9th Division attempted to cross the Forest, it sustained 4,500 casualties – to advance 3,000 yards. 6,500 Germans were killed, wounded, or captured, but they quickly strengthened their defenses.

The First Army’s 28th Division, assigned to attack the center of Hurtgen next, was a previously mangled unit re-upped by a motley assortment of Army Air Corps or antiaircraft soldiers not trained as infantry. The bodies of dead 9th Division soldiers were still present in Hurtgen.

The 28uth attack took place in winter, and there was no other US Army unit engaged anywhere near Hurtgen, allowing the Germans to focus all their attention on the 28th. Launched on a Thursday, by the end of the week the 28th was “no longer an effective fighting force.” An attack by the 109th Regiment on Hurtgen’s left flank was stalled one mile in.

Amazingly, however, by Friday, the objective, the village of Schmidt, was captured. And on Saturday, an unanticipated German counteroffensive succeeded in causing the victorious American battalion to break and run, abandoning their dead and wounded.

Communications failures, intelligence failures, command failures, accurate and unexpected German artillery fire, “the 112th Infantry’s 2nd Battalion … smashed to pieces” … the multiple failures at the command level, took their toll on morale, morals and in lives lost. “All told, 120,000 soldiers sustained 33,000 casualties in what the historian Carlo D’Este would call ‘the most ineptly fought series of battles of the war in the West.’ “

There is more to read about Hurtgen and none of it good. The moral of this story is, when commanders are incompetent, war is far worse than just hell. I am glad that of all the accounts of all the battles I have read, this experience is not common.

To all our Troops and Veterans, thank you!

Have a safe and blessed day.


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