Thursday’s Thoughts and Open Porch

My mind is full most of the time.  I’ve always got questions, or facts, tidbits of trivia, music, memories, discussions (yes lol) and all sorts of other things on my mind.  Thankfully my mind usually takes a bit of a break when I sleep but it’s always running.  I find it kind of like a filled up file cabinet that needs sorting and getting rid of old or outdated or unused things.  And sometimes I need to clear some stuff out and get it off my mind.

For a long time I’ve been a writer, gathering facts or sorting them out,  and for a long time I’ve ‘studied’ different things having to do with religion, cults, false teachings and apologetics.  I guess my background before being saved by Jesus makes me dig into deception so I can try and warn people.  As I discussed with Lawngren the other evening, warnings, especially to other Christians usually end up with hurt feelings and insults.  The fact is, none of us want to think we’re “doing it wrong” or that our theology is off.  I’ve had plenty of times over the years where people have made me question my salvation. Am I really saved, do I really have the Holy Spirit in me, do I totally understand what it means to be saved… etc. etc. etc.  I imagine all Christians go through periods when they question their faith or beliefs.  But somehow much of that comes from other Christians.  While it’s hard to know another’s heart intent, most Christians I’ve had discussions with concerning differences, are coming from a genuine heart, desiring truth, and I know whenever I’ve spoken out against certain things, I desire people to be aware that not everything we might believe is truth.

We are told so often in scripture to beware of false doctrines, false christs, false teachers, wolves and deceptive spirits. We’re told to test the spirit. Why? If all we believe is the Holy Spirit, not even thinking that enemy spirits can deceive… Does Jesus not say that false christs and prophets will appear that even the elect could be deceived?

No one likes the thought that we might be deceived, because we think of falling for scams- and no one admits to falling for anything like that.  Duped, fooled, deceived.  The enemy is a master of it. That’s why Jesus and the Apostles warned so much about deception.  But it still doesn’t make it easy to warn when people we care about will be offended if they take a warning as accusing them of a lack of discernment, even if it’s given out of love.  But we’re told to discern, told to study the scriptures to make sure we’re being fed the truth.

What is a goal of a Christian?  Isn’t it to be more like Jesus?  Jesus warns us against false and deceptive counterfeits of Him, and His Spirit.  Jesus never promised special feelings and experiences, never promised abundant and materially wealthy and healthy lives in this world.  He taught the opposite.

One of the things I find so offensive is the lack of respect for our Holy and righteous God, by many in the popular church movements right now.  God is described as anything from the blue genie in Aladdin to a preacher’s conversation which goes something like this, ” yeah, lord, just a minute. I know lord, and thank you, but I’m in the middle of teachi… ok go ahead…” and then speak in tongues or prophecy.  You can look them up if you want, I wont name  names right now, but there is a level of absolute disrespect from many well known prosperity, word of faith leaders who focus more on what the holy spirit can give them, than what Jesus has done for them.   They aren’t discerning, they are teaching false spirits and calling them holy, while profaning the Holy.

I’m sorry, this is kind of heavy and not very positive, but it’s been heavy on my heart for a long, long time- years actually.  And sometimes I just need to remind folks, even strong Christians, that there are false things out there we all need to beware of.  Sometimes we need a reminder of just a Holy and incredibly sacrificial God we worship.  Worship… glorifying Him, thanking and praising HIM for all He has done for us, not for what he can give us.  Magnifying Him, because He is worthy of it. Not raising ourselves to His level by claiming special experiences.

This is what He has done

Make no mistake, He drank from that cup because of a love none of us will ever understand in this life.  He drank from it, but He did not have to.   I can never do anything good enough to have earned that, but I will try and live my life as if I can.  Not because I’m special, but because He loved me so much in spite of me.  I warn because believing, trusting a blue genie is believing in a lie, and too many people are believing in that, and missing such an amazing love….

If folks are interested John MacArthur has some great ‘tests’ in this…

And, I still haven’t found the video of Hell’s best kept secret, because it wasn’t a video. I forgot, it’s a recording you can listen to, but the transcript is there too. It’s very long read, but save and read it in portions when you have time.

Well I got a little off my mind, now it’s y’alls turn.
It’s an open porch! Share whatever’s on your heart, and I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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