Sunday’s Porch

By Lawngren

What do I like about Sundays on the Porch? It seems that everyone’s more relaxed. Work is two days past and Saturday fun is over, so we’ve all calmed down and cooled down and we’re in a relaxed, mellow mood. Most of us will be going back to work tomorrow, but we’re just going to ignore that for as long as we can.

There’s a greater emphasis on God on Sundays on the Porch. I grew up going to church every Sunday morning and some Sunday nights. I miss hearing sermons on Sunday, or did until the Porch “was built” 😉 and for me Sundays on the Porch are reminders of what was long ago.

The churches I attended until I was about 25 years old were faithful to God’s Word. At least the leadership was. To me, “the church” symbolized stability, peace, and righteous living. The reality may not always have been as clean and pure as my image of the church in my youth, but there was enough resemblance that I never questioned that was the norm. The Porch is a fair replacement.

Church became a refuge from the craziness of the world that began to emerge in America in the mid-60s. Church was also a place of fellowship with those of like mind. We never had perfect agreement, but we did have substantial agreement, especially on eternal matters. There was a wonderful feeling of being at home in our churches.

We who write or comment on the Heartbeat likewise have a core of shared beliefs. We love America, the America that the Founders under God gave us, and most if not all of us believe in and love Jesus and God the Father and believe that the Bible is His Words to us, not just a collection of fairy tales. We certainly have our differences, but I hope these are not foundational differences.

The old hymns are like a portal into a better past for me. But the fresh Christian music on the Porch is a portal into a better future, and I like that. The real-life quality of “modern” Christian music is very satisfactory.

For those who are interested, or those who like to look back once in a while, here’s a chain of thirty old hymns, played without modification in the old-fashioned way. The thing that stands out to me as I listen to these now is the constancy of the theme of praise for God. Amen! May He be praised now and forever, because He is worthy of it!

If old hymns don’t float your boat, play some Mercy Me or Newsboys or Crowder or Big Daddy Weave. They all spring from the same fountain. As one of those old hymns says, “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel’s veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains!”

Hallelujah! Amen! A blessed and praise-filled Sunday to all.


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