Saturday on the Porch

It’s Saturday! And it always comes at just the right time.

So what’s the agenda for the porch today? Hmmm.  As always, it’s a wide open porch, but I think I’ll share a couple of videos from the same channel I’ve been watching old building restorations from. They’re called Reel Truth History, and as we can tell from their name, they have a lot of history videos & documentaries as well as restoration, and they also have Reel Truth Science and Reel Truth Crime, but I haven’t had a chance to check all that stuff out yet.

I did start watching this last night though, some of our history buffs might like this one,

Lawngren, I have visions of the bad guys from Indian Jones…

And, do you ever wish you could live in a different time? What about Victorian life in Britain.  Maybe, if I was royalty or lived in a manor out in the country lol.  This makes my job seem like a dream…

I know, these are kind of long, but since it’s a weekend, hopefully folks will enjoy one or all of them sometime today.  If not, come hang out anyway, put your feet up and post whatever you feel like sharing.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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